GTA Online: Special discounts and cash bonus explained, GTA 5 tricks/glitches you never knew about

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals some nifty tips and tricks you never knew about in GTA 5.

GTA 5 Online
GTA Online: Special discounts and cash bonus explained, GTA 5 tricks/glitches you never knew about Rockstar Games

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has revealed some secret and hidden features about the forthcoming DLC alongside a handful of new GTA 5 glitches, in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online.

BMX glitch

The BMX glitch is the coolest of all, as you can ride the bicycle sideways as if there is zero gravity. The glitch seems to work best at the Los Santos River wherein you hit the wall at 90 degrees, before turning the bike to your left or right and making a sideways jump to attain an inclination on the slanted platform as seen in the video.

The catch here is to pedal as fast as you can, before losing the grip after the jump.

Los Santos aka Del Perro Pier glitch

You can execute an animation glitch when you try diving into the water from the fifth step on the stairway down the pier at Del Perro. You will hit the railings on the pier and your head will appear to sink right into the wood work unlike a normal dive.

Launch glitch at Life Invader building

You will need the Shotaro or any other motorcycle to execute this glitch properly. Just break the gate's arm at the entrance to the building.

Now, just ram your bike into the left-over portion of the arm and you will notice that your vehicle is being thrown up into the sky on every fourth or fifth attempt.

It is not yet clear if this glitch works in any other location. So, the gated barrier at the entrance to Life Invader building would be your best bet.

Sniper Rifle trick

Veterans of the GTA community have observed that you can shoot a target at insane distances using the in-game sniper rifle. For instance, you can shoot down any player or NPC at the Los Santos Airport or Los Santos Customs shop while standing atop the Maze Bank building.

Given the limitations in the game with the use of powerful weapons, it is likely that your Sniper bullet may not travel as much as its real-life counterpart. Nevertheless, if you are a good marksman you can easily take down distant targets using the magnified view of the telescope mounted on the rifle.

Avoiding Homing Missiles

Homing Missile is the most powerful and deadliest weapon in GTA 5, especially when fired at a visible target in a straight line. However, if the target makes a swift turn to the left or right, then there is no way the missile could change its course or retrace the target and it explodes instantly.

Hydras and Jet planes often pose harder challenges to a Homing Missile, given their extremely high-speed manoeuvres and course changing capabilities. Tip: Just change the direction or course of your plane right after hearing the lock-on beep and you should be safe.

GTA 5 vehicles run faster without doors

It is being rumoured that all GTA 5 vehicles seem to acquire some kind of acceleration and/or top speed boost when you take off their doors. For instance, it is believed that the trophy truck runs faster than normal when you remove its panels and side doors.

Nevertheless, Ross has confirmed that all such claims are false and baseless, despite the fact that your vehicle weighs a lot lighter without the doors and other accessories on it.

Special player discounts and cash bonus explained

We finally have an answer to the growing mystery behind the varying degrees of discounts and cash bonus being given to select players in GTA Online.

Prolific tipster Funmw2 has suggested that the special discounts and cash bonus offer to players are determined by their tiers or rankings in the game. Tier rankings may also depend on the monetary levels or net worth of properties acquired by the player.

As Ross sums up, players are getting random discounts and benefits as they are not allowed to choose the reward for any particular DLC or update. Do let us know in the comments section (below), if you are happy with the reward you received or if you would have chosen something else.