GTA 5 Online: Huge leak reveals upcoming DLC theme and new content update

Prolific tipsters, Funmw2, BenDeR and Yan2295 hint at upcoming DLC theme via freshly leaked gameplay screenshots for GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online
GTA 5 Online: Huge leak reveals upcoming DLC theme and new content update Rockstar Games

The GTA community is already abuzz with speculation of forthcoming DLC content in GTA Online as there has been no content update for the game, ever since the rollout of Festive Surprise DLC in December. Meanwhile, renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has obtained some interesting information regarding the upcoming DLC via the French version of GTA Forums website.

Leaked DLC screenshot1

The leaked DLC info has been sourced from three well-known tipsters in the GTA community namely, Funmw2, BenDeR and Ian2295. As Ross explains, Yan2295 has recently pointed out two new screenshots depicting a race between the latest supercars on Del Perro.

In response to a fan query, Ian 2295 clarifies that the message conveyed by the leaked screenshots is more important than the actual content shown in them. Consequently, it has been ascertained that these images portray the Special Vehicle Races that have long been rumoured in GTA Online.

Leaked DLC screenshot2

In other words, the upcoming DLC will definitely revolve around the theme of Special Vehicle Races as reiterated by fellow tipster BenDeR in response to another fan query on GTA Forums. Either the next update or one of the forthcoming updates will feature Special Vehicle Races wherein a few or all of them could be made to look like daredevil races using the content creator.

Yan2295 hints at new DLC theme and content

To be precise, the Special Vehicle Races will be a hybrid of Import/Export DLC and Cunning Stunts update wherein you will get to race with eight special vehicles like the Ruiner 2000, the Ramp Car, Technical Aqua and the Blazer Aqua, the armoured trucks and more.

Yan2295 hints at Special Vehicle Races as part of upcoming DLC content
Yan2295 hints at Special Vehicle Races as part of upcoming DLC content

The gameplay style for these special races could indeed resemble those from the action-flick movie 'Death Race'. One could literally use the Runier's hydraulics and parachuting capabilities to jump from building to building or use one of the amphibious vehicles to race from land to sea or vice-versa.


Meanwhile, prolific tipster Funmw2 has recently tweeted about the Warstock Contest and some great surprise awaiting the Content Creators. It means the next DLC will likely feature the community created Special Vehicle Races, besides Rockstar's curated content along the lines of Cunning Stunts update.

One unused warehouse which is located right across the street from Strip Club could also make its way into the upcoming DLC, if there is any truth to the prevailing rumours. It is not yet known if Rockstar would add new Special Vehicles into the game or use up all the eight existing vehicles in the game.

Although there is no clarity over the content of the upcoming DLC, it is almost certain that the next DLC would be coming out in March-April as was the case last year.