GTA 5 Online: New secret DLC content found and smaller future updates explained

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals hidden DLC content from Valentine's update in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online
GTA 5 Online: New secret DLC content found and smaller future updates explained

Prolific YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has revealed some intriguing details pertaining to the secret DLC content for Valentine's Day update, in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online. The YouTuber also hints at smaller future updates for the multiplayer version of the game as he explains about the ensuing developments in Rockstar Games camp.

Funmw2 tweet
Funmw2 via Twitter

According to renowned tipster Funmw2 aka @Tezfunz2, the game maker has apparently held back the third map for 'Till Death Do Us Part' Adversary Mode from being released into the game, although the first two maps were added with the recent update. Check out a screenshot of his recent tweet (above) that tells us what's in store for the upcoming GTA Online updates:

Speculation is rife that Rockstar could be saving up the third map for next year's Valentine's Day DLC, although it seems a little far-fetched to assume the developer would keep the cut content unused for so long. However, there is a great possibility that Rockstar could be releasing the hidden Valentine-themed map in the forthcoming title update, which is scheduled for next week.

Funmw2 via Twitter

It must be noted that the ongoing Valentine-themed event will close in the next two weeks. Consequently, there are only two more Tuesdays left in February (21 Feb and 28 Feb) and the new map update could release on one of those two days.

As Funmw2 points out, Rockstar's recent Tunables update modifies the two maps 'Offense Defense V' and 'Offense Defense II' to probably fix some bugs in the latest DLC.

In related news, some players are still reporting instances of having received exclusive discounts on select items in GTA Online. One of Ross' subscribers recently tweeted a screenshot of an in-game message from Legendary Motorsports, suggesting that he received a secret 50% discount offer on a couple of supercars: Pegassi Tempesta and Progen Tyrus.

Secret player discounts in GTA Online
Secret player discounts in GTA Online

As Ross points out, the message clearly says that the special sale ends on 27 February. Besides, the second screenshot (above) also confirms the prevailing 50% discount offer on select vehicle purchases from Legendary Motorsports.

Funmw2 aka Fun De Panda via GTA forums
GTA forums

Meanwhile, freshly-leaked information pertaining to a couple of DLC codes has surfaced online with due credit to prolific tipsters Funmw2 and BenDeR, wherein it is now evident that all future DLC updates for GTA Online will be small in size while the event weeks are likely to be extended to a fortnight instead of just seven days.

BenDer message via GTA forums
BenDer via GTA forums BenDer via GTA forums

With the Valentine's themed event extending up to 28 February, the next Tunables update will be rolled on that day. Consequently, any chance of next DLC release will have to wait until the last Tuesday in February.

However, Rockstar has constantly rolled out new DLCs in March for the last three consecutive years and this pattern is unlikely to change in 2017. So, the first likely date for the next DLC release falls on 7 March.

Furthermore, you will no longer be able to transfer your game character from last-gen to current-gen (PS4, Xbox One or PC) platforms after 6 March 2017. So, it clearly suggests that next major update for GTA Online will happen around the same time.