GTA 6 to feature brother-sister combo as main protagonists? Cast, locations, release date revealed

A new leak has shed more light on GTA 6's cast, locations, gameplay, release date, and other information

The rumour mill has been grinding out one rumour after another about "GTA 6" for quite some time now. Although most of it has been unsubstantiated hearsay, the chatter hasn't stopped and fans have been anxiously waiting for an official announcement from Rockstar.

Now, some new information has come to light about the sixth instalment of the action-packed "Grand Theft Auto" franchise including the upcoming game's cast, locations, trailer, release date, gameplay among other information so let's dive right into it.

GTA 6 Twitter

A Reddit user named u/tock-N-call-borture, shared some pretty interesting details about the upcoming game and although we have no idea where the information has been sourced from or whether it is legitimate so take it with a pinch of salt.


According to the user, "GTA 6," will feature a brother and sister duo as the game's main protagonists. While "Carlito's Way" actor John Leguizamo will voice the brother's character, Matías González, "Devious Maids" star Roselyn Sanchez will lend her voice for the game's main villain, Valeria Madrina, whose character has been inspired by the notorious Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco.

Locations and Setting

According to the latest leak, "Grand Theft Auto 6" will be set in the '80s and early '90s with Vice City serving as the main location surrounded by small islands in addition to two more cities: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Bogota, Colombia. There will be approximately nine small towns scattered between Vice City and while you won't be able to fly to Fort Lauderdale and Bogota like GTA V's North Yankton, it will be roughly the same size as the fictional location.

Grand Theft Auto 6
Rockstar Games

This is in line with previous leaks suggesting that the upcoming video game will span across multiple locations and time periods. Last month, Rockstar sent out holiday-themed goodies to YouTubers and influencers, including a Rockstar logo patch with a Colombian flag in the background, as reported previously.


"GTA 6" will feature fuel in cars for the very first time so it's possible that gas stations will be added to the map for refuelling. The new gameplay will also allow users to store weapons in the trunk of the vehicles and the map has been designed with air travel in mind.

GTA Diamond Casino Heist
GTA Diamond Casino Heist Rockstar Games

Moreover, the wanted system will include a 6-star wanted level and will be similar to "Red Dead Redemption 2," wherein the crime is only reported if it is committed in front of a witness. If the crime is reported, law enforcement will come to investigate and know your exact location at all times. "GTA 6" online multiplayer mode will also be more story-driven like "RDR2."

Release Date and Trailer

The leak also notes that Rockstar is aiming for a 2021 release date, or even early 2022 and is expected to make an announcement as early as February with a trailer expected in April.

A few days ago, the video game publisher's New York City studio posted job listings on its official website fuelling speculation that an announcement for "GTA 6" is imminent. According to one of the listings, Rockstar is looking for an editor to help them create a video game trailer in a "60-second format."

In a separate listing, the video game publisher also said it's looking to hire a freelance screenshot capture artist who can capture "still footage of gameplay for use in marketing campaigns." This could mean that Rockstar is ramping up post-production on the game and a trailer could arrive in April, as hinted by the Reddit leak.