Was GTA 6 location revealed in GTA 5 Easter egg?

GTA players have uncovered a new in-game advert in Grand Theft Auto V that seemingly adds credence to the rumours surrounding the location and story of GTA 6

The rumour mill has been churning reports over reports on Rockstar Games' highly anticipated title, GTA 6, for months now. Although most of it is nothing more than unsubstantiated hearsay, we might finally have some credible information about where the upcoming sequel to one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time will be set.

'GTA 6' location

One of the biggest and seemingly most ambitious leaks, suggests that the sixth instalment of the action-packed "Grand Theft Auto" franchise will span across multiple continents and time periods and it's one that Rockstar keeps fuelling by dropping hints.

GTA 6 Twitter

According to the leak, one of the locations "GTA 6" will take place in is South America before we move on to more familiar territory including Liberty City, Vice City, and San Fierro. For now, South American and Vice City are the two locations that have been mentioned the most, but there is also speculation that the Caribbean islands will be among the locations.

'GTA V' Easter Egg

"GTA" fans on Reddit stumbled upon a rather interesting easter egg that may back up at least some of these claims. A user named MrBurpAlot noticed an advert for a drug smuggling company named "Six Fire Temps" while playing "GTA V" and when you log on to company's in-game website, it mentions both Central and South America.

Moreover, it also points out that it's sponsored by Adios Airlines, which is a Puerto Rican airline. Of course, this could be nothing more than just flavour text, like many of the other in-game advertisements but given the context of the aforementioned leaks of a South American location, as well as claims that the game will have a "Narcos"-like setting in the 80s revolving around the cocaine trade, it's hard not to wonder if this is one of Rockstar Game's infamous Easter Eggs.

This rumour might not seem like much but when you consider that Rockstar sent out Christmas gifts that included a Columbia-themed Rockstar logo patch to YouTubers and influencers last month, it seems like the video game developer is either dropping hints or just messing with us "GTA" fans.