GTA 5 Online: New 3-seater car, secret vehicle customisation and other DLC details revealed

YouTuber MrBossFTW sheds some light on the hidden and secret features for the upcoming DLC in GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online
GTA 5 Online: New 3-seater car, secret vehicle customisation and other DLC details revealed

Avid GTA 5 gamers are in for some exciting news as renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) sheds more light on the upcoming DLC content with reference to Rockstar teased images for the next title update on Newswire.

Progen GP1

As Ross explains, we will first explore the Progen GP1 which is the new supercar expected to be released in the next DLC for GTA Online. One glance at the teaser image (above) suggests that it could probably be a 3-seater car as the driver appears to be sitting at the centre, rather than on the left side of the car which is the norm.

If this assumption is true, then we might be seeing the first 3-seater supercar being released into the game with the upcoming March 2017 update for GTA Online. However, this contradicts the fact that every supercar we got in GTA 5 is a 2-seater car.

With reference to Ross' earlier video, it is evident that Progen GP1 is based on the McLaren F1 while the Progen Tyrus also features similar design elements as the F1.

However, it must be noted that the Tyrus is based on the long-tail version of the F1 (resembling a track race-car styled version) while the GP1 is based on the civilian version of the McLaren F1 and hence we do not find the race sponsorship logos like the Piswasser or the modified seats on the car.

On the contrary, the McLaren F1 has its driver seat located at the centre, with two passengers seats positioned to his left and the right. Consequently, speculation is rife that Progen GP1 could indeed by the first 3-seater supercar in the game wherein the driver sits at the centre and not any side of the car.

Going by the official screenshot (above), it is unclear if the front seats indeed have a 3-seater arrangement with driver sitting at the centre or if it's just an illusion created by the weird camera angle.

Ross has now recreated the official screenshot with the Progen Tyrus to verify if there is any possibility of making a 3-seater arrangement for the GP1 in the game. If the past is any indication, Rockstar Games is unlikely to change the existing 2-seater arrangement for all supercars.

If the 3-seater car indeed makes its way through the Progen GP1 in GTA Online, then it could affect both the performance and price of the car in the game. The performance could come down as it can accommodate more people and thereby increase the kerb weight of the vehicle, while the price factor could also be affected as it can fit an extra person.

Ross reaffirms that the Progen GP1 will be a 2-seater as seen in the regular screenshot of the Progen Tyrus aka Fukaru wherein the driver is seated on the left side of the car.

Coming to the customisation options, the screenshot suggests there is a black panel or glass-like material above the front headlights of the Progen GP1. It is not yet known if these panels would serve as the eyelids of the headlights on the car.

There is also a toeing-hook just blended into the front bumper and one can easily spot the carbon fibre rear-view mirrors on the car. Ross also clarifies that the rumoured retractable spoiler is actually a fixed lip- spoiler, which supports advanced spoiler upgrades like the carbon-fibre racing spoiler depending on your personal taste.

One closer look at the character in the screenshot suggests that Rockstar Games is intently hiding away any accessories worn by him such as sunglasses and gloves.

Furthermore, we can easily spot the carbon-fibre racing wheels on the car instead of the regular or stock variant. Going by the recent spate of Progen car releases in GTA 5, it seems the forthcoming update could feature some Sports classics or Super classics for a welcome change.

For instance, we could see more cars from Overflod, Vapid, Ford and Enus, or Turismo and Infernus, in the upcoming DLC update for GTA Online.

We may even get to see more Benny's convertible vehicles like the Turismo R or more individual cars such as the Turismo classic that can be purchased online in the game.

GTA 5 Online: Yellow props or the speed boosters
GTA 5 Online: Yellow props or the speed boosters

Moving on to the next screenshot (above), it is likely that Rockstar will be dishing out some speed boosters (yellow props) and it is unlikely that we'll get any new types of racing vehicles in the game.

As far as the release date is concerned, the forthcoming DLC will be released sometime in the second week of March or somewhere around 14 March when the next Tunables update will be rolled out.

Ross sums up the DLC breakdown stating that the next DLC will not feature any map expansions and instead it will focus on unexplored areas within the existing game world of San Andreas comprising Blaine County, Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay.