GTA 5 Online: Gunrunning Military DLC – Hidden army bunkers, secret bases and custom hangar locations revealed

YouTuber MrBossFTW unravels the hidden details of Gunrunning Military DLC in his latest video for GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online Army DLC
GTA 5 Online: Gunrunning Military DLC – Hidden army bunkers, secret bases and custom hangar locations revealed

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) talks about the locations of army bases, bunkers and hidden underground areas that could be used in the upcoming GTA Online Gunrunning Military DLC aka Army DLC, in his latest GTA 5 gameplay video. However, it is still unclear if the highly-speculated Military DLC will be part of the CEO or MC Biker missions or some kind of a standalone DLC to create your own Militia in GTA Online.

GTA 5 Army aka Gunrunning Military DLC
sleepwalk1980 via GTA forums

The YouTuber speculates that we might be seeing more warehouses being introduced with the Military update as training new militia will require a base or a bunker or some custom hangar locations in GTA Online.

With due credit to a GTA Forums member 'Sleepwalk1980', we now have access to the location image (above) depicting the boundaries or red zones where one could set up the militia bases, bunkers or camps in the game.

Fort Zancudo

One closer look at the location map as seen in the screenshot above suggests that certain areas like Fort Zancudo and some parts of the Grape Seed might be excluded from setting up base camps. As Ross explains, it would be interesting to see more of these bases coming up around the Paleto Bay, Sandy Shores and Blaine County as they are situated beyond the city limits and have been the most neglected areas in the game.

Undoubtedly, the Fort Zancudo takes the top honours for being the best location to set up the military base, besides being the most affordable property in the game. The tiny underground bunker hidden at Fort Zancudo has a working elevator and could serve as your discreet underground army base.

All the closed and open hangars at Fort Zancudo offer a tremendous potential for militia training camps as one of these could be rented out for a decent sum of money. You can also notice a bunch of closed garages at Zancudo, which could come in handy for storing military vehicles and cargo.

Not to mention, the vastly expansive open hangars could become a great choice for military base of operations as it can hold enough cargo and planes while allowing players to customise high-powered military vehicles to their limits.

Another big advantage with Fort Zancudo is the ability to access or enter it without triggering any wanted levels in the game.

Altruist Camp

The Altruist Camp holds some fascinating secrets, despite its rundown looks and naked hippies strolling around the place. Although your initial impressions about the place may not fit the bill for a military base, you will be surprised to see giant crates inside some of the cabins containing ammunition, weapons and explosives like RPGs, Assault Rifles and ammo rounds.

You will also find oil barrels strewn all over the place. Some of the tiny houses in the Altruist Camp could serve as your hideout while you are under attack from a neighbouring enemy base.

In addition, there are two locations inside the city limits that could serve as a proper military base in the game, Merryweather Docks and an underground bunker.

Merryweather Docks

Merryweather Docks (southern tip of the map) could be our first point of contact while setting up our military base in the game. You will often find some Black Ops soldiers roaming the open hangars at this place, wherein some giant submarine is reportedly under works.

The open hangar also serves as a port and a helipad for emergency landing of your planes and choppers.

Underground Bunker

There is an underground bunker with a mineshaft door, which is located just outside of Trevor's airfield. The bunker is just a 3ft little hole that's protected with an indestructible metal door.

Rockstar Games could indeed transform this tiny cabin into a full-fledged underground base or bunker as part of the Military DLC in GTA Online.

Mount Chiliad

Mount Chiliad could be your first choice of setting up a mountain base, given the mystery and high-altitude of this place. Besides, there are a ton of fan-made mountain base mods available in GTA 5.

Inside the Mount Chiliad tunnels, you can find two mysteriously numbered doors T-01 and T-02 wherein both of them lead to a secret passage into the mountains. We can just hope that the upcoming Gunrunning update will finally unlock access to these secret doors inside the tunnel.

Mount Gordo

Mount Gordo would be another useful place for setting up your militia base as it equips two giant radio towers or antennas and a tiny shed enclosed in a barbed fencing. The building also has access to some signal reception equipments that could come in handy for military operations.

Devin Weston and other hangars at LS international airport

Devin Westons's hangar could be an exclusive for story mode missions or campaigns in GTA Online. However, the backside portions of the Devin Weston hangar reveal some big and open hangars, and some smaller closed ones.

One can find multiple Pegasus-owned hangars in the Los Santos international airport, which could serve the biggest purpose of storing and customising a Titan, Hydra, Savage, or the new Hunter helicopter.

Grapeseed Barn/Autoshop

The Grapeseed Barn or Autoshop is another expansive storage place for military vehicles as it has vast barren spaces of land all around it.

The Dam

The Dam has enough ladders, staircases, bridges and secluded buildings to set up your base camp. Also, the place is surrounded by water on one side and mountains on the other, giving it a perfect backdrop for military operations.

The FIB and IAA government buildings are also on the cards for setting up a military base in GTA Online, given their high-altitude and spacious elements.

Ross sums up saying that a majority of these secret, high-profile locations would serve the purpose and there is no need for Rockstar to invest in creating a fresh game world for setting up military base in the game.