Meet metaDog! An Interactive Lifelike Robotic Pet that Grows and Adapt Alongside its Owner

metaDog is available in Husky and Shiba Inu breeeds.

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A breakthrough in combating loneliness and isolation has emerged from a Chinese company, with the unveiling of their latest mechanical wonder: metaDog.

Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), this robotic canine companion is designed to grow and adapt alongside its owner, mimicking the experience of owning a real dog, sources report.

metaDog, a robotic pet that evolves with its owner and understands 30 commands

Elephant Robotics, the innovative minds behind metaDog, describe it as "a lifelike and interactive robotic dog that's always there to brighten your day," as revealed in their Kickstarter campaign.

Inspired as a solution for individuals unable to have a real pet due to factors such as housing restrictions, allergies, or age, metaDog boasts lifelike behaviors and emotions that evolve over time, just like its living counterparts.

Available in husky and Shiba Inu breeds, metaDog features dynamic movements, including wagging tails and realistic appearances, all driven by its AI capabilities. Its unique algorithm enables it to learn and adapt to its owner's interactions and surroundings continuously.


Responding to over 30 voice commands with sounds, actions, and animations, metaDog allows users to engage emotionally, fostering an experience akin to interacting with a live pet.

Accompanied by an interactive app offering games and activities, metaDog promises a blend of reality and imagination for its users.

With 12 hours of battery life, an on/off switch, and a mute button, metaDog is available for purchase at a of $149 on Kickstarter, with shipments expected to commence by the end of March.

"We're thrilled to share that metaDog has entered the manual fur assembly and testing phase," the company stated, emphasizing their commitment to quality and functionality.

The project has garnered support, with 45 backers pledging a total of $35,480 on Kickstarter. Meanwhile, Elephant Robotics offers a feline counterpart, metaCat, on their website, providing similar companionship with meowing, purring, and customizable accessories.

Research suggests that robotic companions like metaDog can effectively alleviate loneliness, particularly among aging and isolated populations, offering a solution until broader societal changes prioritize social connectedness and elder care.

"As of now, having a real friend remains the best solution," notes Murali Doraiswamy, a professor at Duke University. "But until society prioritizes social connectedness and eldercare, robots are a solution for the millions of isolated people who have no other options."

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