GTA 5 Online DLC: Secret and hidden features to know before buying unreleased cars and bikes

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals the secret and hidden features of unreleased DLC cars and bikes in GTA Online.

GTA 5 unreleased DLC cars
GTA 5 unreleased DLC cars YouTube

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) explains the secret and hidden DLC features in his latest gameplay video that you must beware, before buying the new unreleased cars in GTA Online. The YouTuber makes a cross comparison of the custom and non-custom variants of the yet unreleased vehicles including the FCR, the Spectre, and the Italian GTB that can be upgraded at the Benny's Motorworks.

The Italian GTB (Custom vs. Non-Custom)

Italian GTB
Italian GTB (custom vs. regular) MrBossFTW via YouTube

The custom variant of Italian GTB comes with an extra modification on the bumper or the tow-hook that cannot be removed. The regular version does not include this feature.

One can also find a hood scoop on the custom variant, which is non-existent on the non-custom version. The front and rear fenders on the custom model come with "bolted on" look and stretch much wider than the ones on the non-custom variant.

The mirrors on the custom variant are smaller and a bit sportier than the ones on the non-custom models of Italian GTB.

One closer look at the rear part of the two variants will suggest there is a noticeable difference in the positioning of the headlights and mesh/grille, as well as the exhaust design and looks.

The custom variant also sports a carbon diffuser as well as a rear tow-hook for emergency purposes. There are no such options on the non-custom variant.

Titanium is the only viable upgrade option for exhausts on the custom model while the non-custom variant offers you a bunch of upgrade options for the exhaust including a funny one called "Needs More Exhaust".

There is also a tiny difference in the way smoke is emitted from the exhaust of the custom and the non-custom variant.

The modified versions of custom Italian GTB will show up more components under its hood while the non-custom variant has none. For instance, you can easily spot the nitrous tank in the custom variant which is missing on the non-custom model. However, both the variants equip identical engines as part of their rear trunk.

The non-custom or regular variant flaunts the advantage of adding a custom spoiler that can be retracted upwards while the one on the custom GTB will be fixed for maximum downward airflow. Consequently, drivers will experience more traction boost for superior performance on the regular version than the custom variant of GTB.

The Spectre (Custom vs. Non-custom/Regular)

The Spectre
The Spectre (Custom vs. Non-Custom/Regular) MrBossFTW via YouTube

The custom version of the Spectre portrays more of a wide-body model, which is bolted on with arches and protruding wheels on either side for a stunning look. Apart from the wide-body design, there is no other difference between the two variants on their stock or factory-default configuration.

Tip #1: For some reason, you will not be able to open the hood or trunk on the modded version of the custom Spectre as well as the regular variant.

Tip #2: Once again, the regular version performs better than the custom variant of the Spectre.

Unidentified and Unreleased Bikes (Custom vs. Regular)

Unreleased DLC Bikes
Unreleased DLC Bikes (Custom vs. Regular) MrBossFTW via YouTube

The custom version gets a sportier seat and more stylish looks with the round headlights, larger wheelbase and a slightly bigger fuel tank than the regular version of the bike.

The regular version comes with a single rear view mirror on the left while the custom variant has none.