GTA 5 Online Import/Export DLC: 20 new secret features, hidden details and things you don't know

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals all the hidden features of the newly released Import/Export DLC in GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online: Import/Export DLC
GTA 5 Online Import/Export DLC: 20 new secret features, hidden details and things you don't know Rockstar Games

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has showcased 20 new secret features, hidden details and things you might not have known about the Import/Export DLC in GTA Online. As Ross explains in his latest gameplay video for GTA 5, there are four new SecuroServ vehicles added to the CEO menu for VIP/CEO missions with the Import/Export DLC along with a bunch of other secrets that are waiting to be explored.

The full-list of new SecruServ vehicles that are making their debut with the Import/Export DLC is given below:

  • Dundreary Stretch (a big limousine)
  • The Mammoth Patriot (a hummer)
  • Enus Super Diamond
  • Buckingham Super Volito

Undoubtedly, the Super Volito will be the most prized possession among the new DLC vehicles as it is the only aerial vehicle available with the Import/Export DLC.

The Associates section of the CEO menu now has access to two new vehicles namely, The Declasse Ranger XL and The Vapid Speedo.

It is now possible to change your character's appearance in GTA Online. In order to accomplish this feat, you need to be outside the biker gang or a CEO group wherein you can click on the player interaction menu > choose Style and then you should be able to change your character's appearance. Note: You will be charged a small one-time fee of $100 to make the change. However, you will not be able to change the gender of your in-game character.

Annis Elegy RH8 is now available for purchase via Benny's motorworks for non Social Club members. The Social Club members can, however, access this item for free in their garage as well as Benny's Motorworks.

Players can now combine certain glasses, helmet and mask outfits together as per their taste and individual needs. For instance, hoodies can be worn with hats or masks can be worn with sunglasses and/or helmets or ski-masks can be worn with hats.

There is a whole new bunch of different combinations that you can try out with the clothing accessories for a smart and trendy look in GTA Online.

Next up in the list of secret features, we have the new CEO outfits with the corresponding clothing from Import/Export DLC in GTA Online, ranging from cool face masks, jackets, T-shirts, hats, glasses and neck chains.

Illuminated Clothing is now available as part of the interaction menu feature which allows players to change the brightness or glowness of their outfits in the game. A few interesting options include On/Off, Pulse and Flash for the Deadline outfit, wherein you can make the glowing light breathe or Dim and flash alternately.

GTA Online: Import Export Outfit 1

Also, check out a couple of new outfits that are touted to be released with the Import/Export DLC as seen in the screenshots (above and below). It is not yet clear if these outfits were meant to be part of the future Adversary modes in GTA Online or part of the cut content from the latest DLC.

GTA Online: Import/Export Outfit 2

You can now stance or lower the suspension of vehicles by shooting at the rim of the front and rear tyres as depicted in the video. Although this feature was removed with the Bikers update, Rockstar has now restored it with the release of new DLC in GTA Online.

Stancing or lowering of suspension will allow your car to drift more than normal and could be a clincher in circuit races where you want to drift rather than apply brakes while cutting tight corners.

The Pegasus Conceirge service has now become cheaper with the prices being slashed down noticeably. So, getting some assistance from your personal secretary at the CEO office, will be much more pocket friendly than before. For instance, you can now order six buzzers at what was the original price of one.

The Ruiner 2000 is limited to a maximum capacity of eight rockets, before requiring a reload or refilling at the nearest storage or warehouse.

You can also set your Ruiner to lock access to yourself or the owner of the car and if someone tries to steal your car, he will get electrocuted as part of the security mechanism added into the car.

At a staggering price of $5.7 million, the Ruiner couldn't get anything better as you could deceive some unsuspecting thief to get tempted and attempt a theft of your car. Just park your car at the Los Santos Customs and watch some lame players get electrocuted as they try to get a free ride on your expensive rig.

The Ramp Buggy is limited to running into a maximum of 30 cars and then it will explode. So, there is no way you could over-exploit this feature to grief other players in the game.

Owning a Cargobob will now give you an edge in exporting missions as aerial transport of exotic vehicles is less risky and less damaging when compared to on-road transport.

There are a couple of new custom liveries available for Elegy RH8 namely, the Midnight Racer and the Not Tonight Pizzaboy, wherein the former is a replica of Brian O' Connor's Silver Nissan Skyline GTR from one of the Fast and Furious movies. The Not Tonight Pizzabot also has a very similar design reference to the Fast and Furious franchise with some pseudo-Rocket decals on both sides, which stands out with an Yellow body-paint job.

You can now use your personal assistant inside the CEO office to get all your vehicles transferred from old garage to your new 60-car garage. There is no cool-down period either and hence it is a feasible way to get all your favourite cars under one roof with use of least time and effort.

Don't forget to do the Special Vehicle missions as they will enable to get the most expensive vehicles for a massively discounted price (flat 25% off), after completing the mission successfully.

The buying and selling glitch with cars has now been fixed and you could go ahead and do your Import/Export missions without any snag.

Rockstar has now added a new feature to buy Shark cards wherein you can literally purchase the in-game currency from the game's Online Interaction Menu. So, you no longer have to log out of the session just to purchase a shark card.

The new Custom Auto Shop now includes all the features from the Los Santos Customs shop along with those from the Benny's Motorworks. So, you get a good mix of both worlds while customising your car in GTA Online.