GTA 5 Online: How to get any Import/Export DLC car for free

YouTuber Sernandoe reveals how to get any Import/Export DLC car for free in GTA Online.

GTA Online: Import/Export DLC
GTA 5 Online: How to get any Import/Export DLC car for free Rockstar Games

Prolific YouTuber Sernandoe has revealed some interesting tips and tricks to obtain any Import/Export DLC car for free in GTA Online. As the YouTuber explains in his latest gameplay video, some of these vehicles have unique features such as driving on the water or boosting the car with special-upgrade components.

As Sernandoe admits, the GTA Online gamers would often run out of in-game cash while trying to buy out any of these DLC cars as most of them are utterly expensive.

Consequently, it would be wise to test drive the car for free, before you decide to permanently store a purchased car in your garage. So, the aim of this guide is to help prospective DLC car buyers to make an informed buying decision and thereby save the ignominy of wasting their hard-earned money on some junky rides that won't win any races or serve any key purpose with CEO/VIP missions.

One glimpse at the new military vehicles launched by Rockstar on the Warstock Cache and Carry will make you feel demoralised, especially if you are running low on GTA money. Every new vehicle including the Ramp Buggy and other armoured vehicles are priced in millions.

So, it would be an ideal choice to just pick your favourite and leave the rest of them. You could use your surplus money in buying supercars rather than wasting them on some military junk that won't really give you much returns in most of the missions you do in GTA Online.

You could share some of these vehicles with your friends if each of you purchased a different vehicle rather than trying to collect all of them into your garage, wherein you would be wasting precious storage space as well.

Here is how to test each of these vehicles instead of buying them all at once:

  • Launch the GTA Online Creator by navigating to the Online tab and choosing Creator in the menu.
  • Now select 'Create a Deathmatch' option and then choose 'Deathmatch'.
  • Enter all the details being asked on the screen such as title, description, deathmatch type and so on. You can just fill in some random information as it does not matter.
  • Once you have filled in the required info and placed the spawn points on the map, you can now choose the new DLC vehicle that you want be spawned in.
  • Just cycle through the category of vehicles to choose your favourite one and then you can start driving it in a solo session of GTA Online.
  • You can test up to five vehicles in one shot. So, just place five most-desirable ones on the map and you can later substitute them with another five. Select the Test option once you are satisfied with your selection of vehicles.
  • Now you can spend as much time as you want by creating a personal lobby or even share the lobby with friends through personal invites.

As Sernandoe clarifies, we already have about 14 new vehicles landing into GTA Online with the advent of Import/Export DLC while 8 more vehicles are in the pipeline and expected to come out in the next few days. So, it's wise to save your hard-earned money as you might get a chance to buy better vehicles with the upcoming DLC in GTA Online.

For further assistance, check out Sernandoe's intriguing gameplay video posted below: