GTA Online: Import/Export DLC is now live, gameplay trailer revealed

The Import/Export DLC for GTA Online is now available for download on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

GTA Online: Import/Export DLC
GTA Online: Import/Export DLC is now live, gameplay trailer revealed Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games has just released the highly-anticipated Import/Export DLC for GTA Online along with a new gameplay trailer. The new DLC is touted to be an extension of Further Adventures in Finance and Felony with its focus on stealing and selling stolen vehicles.

In line with earlier rumours, the Import/Export DLC now introduces a new executive garage with slots for storing up to 60 vehicles, whilst the Vehicle Warehouses offer modification and export facilities.

Keeping in sync with the theme of Import/Export DLC, GTA Online gamers can now choose between 12 new vehicles as they put their skills to stern test in the new game mode, 'Turf Wars'. All these new vehicles are classified as "federally prohibited Special Vehicles" that can aid in your corporate crimes in "explosive new ways".

Indulge in illicit profiteering with "SecuroServ's suite of unlawful offerings" right at the comfort of your Executive Office desktop.

GTA Online: Vehicle Warehouse map
GTA Online: Vehicle Warehouse map Rockstar Games

Get instant alerts on procurable vehicle targets as you steal an unguarded supercar like the Turismo R or blast your way through an enemy camp or use stealth to your advantage for stealing the cargo keys and then make a quick getaway.

GTA Online: Scan for special vehicles
GTA Online: Scan for special vehicles in Import/Export DLC Rockstar Games

There are numerous ways of committing the biggest theft in Los Santos and Blaine County for some lucrative deals:

  • Equip yourself and the members of your organisation with the tools of the trade including unique CEO abilities and military-standard vehicles like the Turreted Limo or the Buzzard with armoured protection.
  • Use tactical exploits like bribing authorities to drop unwanted heat and Ghost Organisation feature to temporarily hide your blip or operational activities off the map.
  • Alternatively, use your money-power to deploy a Cargobob pickup for accelerating extractions and deliveries while eliminating the risk of road transport.
  • Ad-Hawk Autos network will come to your rescue in identifying potential buyers for your newly acquired inventory. The in-house service will be available through your Vehicle Warehouse, which will also offer you the details of the buyer including the location where the car has to be delivered.
  • The Stock cars will only impress private buyers who only pay the face value of the vehicle. So, you will be forced to create modded cars for an extra premium from Showroom and Specialist Dealers, which will increase your profit margins.
  • With four members comprising your team, you will have the opportunity to deliver up to four cars at once through your organisation.
  • You will need a highly-skilled team to tackle the rival organisations or Motorcycle Clubs on the prowl to take away your booty on your way to the client location.
  • As you source several of these special vehicles successfully, you will unlock Special Vehicle missions involving SecuroServ operations and lots of vehicular mayhem. As you complete these missions, these special vehicles will become available for purchase at a discounted SecuroServ trade price.
  • With more of these SecuroServ vehicles in your personal possession, you will be armed to the teeth as new VIP missions will be unlocked.
  • Get ready to indulge in unique modes of transportation involving armed, armoured, amphibious, and the airborne, wherein all the cargo will be stored in the lower level of the Vehicle Warehouse.
  • Apart from the eight new special vehicles, you will get to ride two new supercars, the Pegassi Tempesta and Ocelot Penetrator, alongside two new upgradeable custom cars via Benny's, the Principe Diablous Custom and Annis Elegy Retro Custom.
GTA Online: Import/Export DLC
GTA Online Import/Export DLC - Special vehicles Rockstar Games

Check out the complete list of 12 new vehicles and a couple of properties that will available for purchase with the Import/Export DLC:

Special Vehicles
• BF Ramp Buggy
• JoBuilt Phantom Edge
• Karin Technical Aqua
• Nagasaki Blazer Aqua
• Brute Armored Boxville
• MTL Wastelander
• Imponte Ruiner 2000
• Coil Rocket Voltic

• Principe Diablous and Diablous Custom
• Annis Elegy Retro Custom
• Pegassi Tempesta
• Ocelot Penetrator


• Vehicle Warehouses
• Executive Garages

New Adversary Mode: Turf Wars

GTA Online Import/Export DLC: New Turf Wars Adversary mode
GTA Online Import/Export DLC: New Turf Wars Adversary mode Rockstar Games

As the name indicates, you compete with up to four teams to control parts of the turf or tiles. As you drive your car over each tile, it changes to your team's colour and you can claim it after defending it from your foes successfully.

Watch out for strategically-placed rockets in this new vehicular mayhem as you blaze your way through the defence formation of your foes.

Changing Character Appearance

For the first time in GTA Online, you can change the character appearance with the Import/Export DLC as you change your clothes, hair colour, tattoos and friends, for the biggest makeover in the game.

Cool discounts, Double GTA$ and RP

GTA Online Import/Export DLC - Armoured Trucks
GTA Online Import/Export DLC - Armoured Trucks Rockstar Games

Enjoy cool discounts on bullet proof tyres, car armour, body armour and all ammo until 19 December. Turf Wars brings you double GTA$ and RP bonus as you battle your way to supremacy for territorial dominance over your adversaries.

The luxurious SuperVolito or SuperVolito Carbon is now available at 25% discount for quick getaways from the Executive Office's helipad.

Watch the new gameplay trailer (below) and check out more details about the Rockstar Editor contest and Snapmatic contest via the official website.