GTA 5: Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton secret Easter-eggs revealed

Check out some amazing Easter-eggs of in-game presidential candidates inspired by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

GTA 5: donald trump vs Hillary Clinton Easter eggs
GTA 5: Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton secret Easter-eggs revealed

Prolific YouTuber Sernandoe walks us through a couple of secret Easter-eggs pertaining to President-elect Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in his latest gameplay video for GTA 5. As the YouTuber explains, there are numerous in-game references to these top celebrities of the US as Rockstar Games has reportedly created some mockery of sorts while portraying them in the game.

As politics is a sensitive topic that people would easily get fussy about, the YouTuber takes a neutral approach while showcasing these Easter-eggs to GTA fans worldwide.

For starters, it is being reported that Hillary Clinton's relationship with Rockstar isn't in the best terms of interests. Clinton has recently drawn the spotlight for trying to sue the game company in relation to an offending San Andreas mod for the older GTA game, back in June 2005.

Clinton seemed visibly upset with the game's violent theme, and references to sexual affairs between the game's main character and his girlfriend.

Rockstar was eventually forced to remove the Hot Coffee mod from the San Andreas game, before its official release. However, some veteran GTA modders found a way to re-enable the Hot Coffee mod in the game through the game's official source code.

The Hot Coffee mod enabled players to control CJ's sexual moves with his girlfriend using the console buttons or keyboard. Later, the mod went viral on YouTube as several GTA fans made a mockery of the incident.

Rockstar Games also joined the party by portraying Clinton's face on the majestic Liberty City statue in games like GTA 4. A closer look at the statue reveals that she is holding a cup of coffee instead of the torchlight.

Well, it seems like the game maker has cleverly created a sculpture in memory of its Hot Coffee mod fiasco with Hillary Clinton.

Moving on to GTA 5, we have the Sue Murry vs Jock Cranley in-game character Easter-eggs, who have been inspired by Clinton and Trump. Rockstar has shrewdly represented their election campaign profiles in the game, which can be accessed over the in-game smartphone by browsing the internet or navigating to the website.

It is quite amazing to note that Rockstar had clearly predicted Hillary Clinton running against Donald Trump in the recently concluded Presidential elections.

GTA 5 gamers also have the privilege to vote for their favourite presidential candidate via or as depicted in the GTA 5 TV-video commercial.

You can also find reference to Trump's anti-immigrant policies in the JockCranley website as well as the television commercial in GTA 5. It's quite surprising that Rockstar could predict the leading presidential candidates for the US, back in 2013 when GTA 5 had just released on old-gen consoles.

With Rockstar poised to introduce more such celebrities into its upcoming GTA games like GTA 6, we can only find the game maker poking fun or mocking at the popular personalities in the world stage.

Don't forget to check out Jock Cranley's poll survey for a proud American citizen on the in-game website, which is named after the presidential candidate inspired by Donald Trump.