GTA 5 Online: How to get rare secret outfits and weapons in freemode

Tips and tricks to unlock rare, unobtainable guns and clothing in GTA Online freemode.

GTA 5 Online Stun Gun
GTA 5 Online: How to get rare secret outfits and weapons in freemode

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) walks us through a nifty tutorial involving the latest tips and tricks for obtaining the rare, secret outfits and weapons in GTA Online freemode. The tutorial explains how to obtain the secret variations of Garbage and police uniforms, along with some rare weapons in the game.

How to get Police Outfit with all accessories

Here's how you do it:

  • In order to unlock these secret items, you will need a buddy or friend to join your session in GTA Online.
  • Once you have your partner in the same lobby, you can start the job Truck Off which is a PvP mission.
  • Turn off team-balancing in the game settings and adjust the time or weather of the day as per your discretion.
  • Ensure that the type of clothing chosen for the job is set to 'Classic', before you begin the mission.
  • Once you are in the mission interaction menu, ensure that you choose the Versus Outfits as 'Justice' if you are playing as the cop.
  • Now you will appear in the police uniform with a handy pistol in your right hand. At this moment, bring up the player-interaction menu and go to the Style section > select Helmet Visor option and hold right or left on the D pad.
  • Now, cycle back and forth between the two options by pressing right and left alternatively on the D-pad for about 20 to 30 seconds. The glitch will work 100% fine if you stick to this trick.
  • After you switched multiple times between 'Visor Up' and 'Visor Down' options, just let go off the keyboard and stay in AFK mode.
  • Wait until the Rockstar game server kicks you off the session. Note: It may take about two to three minutes for this to happen.
  • Right at this moment, hit continue as quickly as you can to enter a new session in GTA Online.
  • If the glitch has worked correctly, your character will be wearing the exact same outfit which you were wearing, before you got kicked from the session in GTA Online.
  • Drive back to the nearest clothing store like Ponsonbys and try saving the outfit, using the store interaction menu.
  • As Ross admits the glitch works just fine on all three gaming platforms including the PC, Xbox One and PS4.

How to get Police Outfit without accessories

You can get the simplified version of the Police Outfit as follows:

  • Ask your friend to host the Tuck Off mission in a private lobby and then invite you to join him.
  • Keep all the game settings the same as before, but ask your friend to join the cop team and then you switch to his team. Make sure that the chosen Versus Outfits is "Justice" for both of you.
  • Now, let your friend choose the Transporters team and you will get a new variation of the cop outfit without any accessories. It is the minimalistic version of the police uniform without a custom belt and other badges on the outfit.
  • In this mode, you can also remove the police hat from the player-interaction menu.

You can change as many outfits as you want using this technique.

  • There are basically four Garbage outfits that you can cycle through in the Truck Off mission.
  • On your first attempt with the Garbage uniform, just change the clothing style from 'Classic' to 'Themed'.
  • Now set your Versus Outfits option to 'Dead Funny'. Repeat all the steps that you tried earlier with the cop outfit to replicate the same variation effects (sleeve and sleeveless option) on the standard Garbage uniform.

Finally, you can acquire the Orange Garbage-Man outfit when you play the Truck Off mission with two friends.

How to get a Stun Gun

  • You can acquire the Stun Gun while playing on PS4 and Xbox One by downloading a simple job whose links are provided below:
  • PS4 JOB: JOB:
  • Note: You must change the weapon settings to 'Owned + Pickup' in order to let this glitch work perfectly.
  • Essentially, you just have to grab a Stun Gun and complete the mission somehow to earn the Stun Gun in the game.
  • Once you complete the job, just go to the main lobby and then select another job. Finally, select freemode and you will enter a new session in GTA Online.
  • You will now be holding a Stun Gun in your hand in freemode.

For further assistance, check out Ross' stunning gameplay video below: