GTA 5 Online DLC: New mysterious update featuring 20+ car garages and new vehicles explained

YouTuber MrBossFTW suggests 20+ car garages are likely to debut with the forthcoming Import/Export DLC in GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online: 20 car garage
GTA 5 Online DLC: New mysterious update featuring 20 car garages and new vehicles explained

The GTA community is abuzz with news of a mysterious update for GTA Online featuring 20+ car garages and 20 new DLC vehicles, while renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) explains the probable game content for the forthcoming DLC in GTA5. In response to a bunch of fan queries about the recently released 88.7MB update for GTA Online, Ross admits that it is meant exclusively for the PC platform and not for the current-gen or last-gen consoles.

Veteran GTA gamers have now confirmed that Rockstar has indeed updated the Social Club version and the game Launcher files as well. The public build of the game's steam version is now 1464234, which is the same as qabeta and similar to nicktestbranch build number.

Consequently, it is now clear that GTA 5 for PC has only received the build update without any new feature changes or downloadable add-ons or DLC content.

It is imperative to note that the qabeta file also has received a new update with build number 1491816. Besides, Rockstar has also updated their Newswire website to reflect the ongoing revamping drive for Social Club and the PC game Launcher files.

The game maker has also released the first update for GTA 4 on PC just a couple of days ago, which is almost six years since the game launched on current-gen gaming platforms. It is now being speculated by GTA fans if Rockstar would be rolling out some map expansions or DLC updates for the ageing predecessor of GTA 5.

It is now evident that the game maker had only tried to fix existing bugs and broken features in GTA 4 that prevented players from signing into the online version of the game.

GTA 4 multiplayer mode is now alive and kicking, thanks to the new maintenance update from Rockstar. GTA 4 now features the fan-favourite 'Cops and Crooks' DLC in multiplayer mode.

According to the second bit of information floating on GTA forums, it is widely speculated that we might see the addition of a 20 car garage in the next GTA Online update along with 20 new vehicles in the upcoming DLC.

With the highly-anticipated High Risk and High Rewards or Vehicle Import/Export DLC making waves in GTA Online, the time is ripe for introducing the new 20 car garage apartment or property along with more DLC vehicles.

As Ross points out, Rockstar has left one massive garage untouched from the High Life update in GTA 5, which could actually be the highly-rumoured 20 car garage in the making. For instance, the garage could fit in ten of your regular vehicles along with ten other vehicles from the import/export business in GTA Online.

The 18-wheeler trailers and big cargo trucks are likely to make their way into this massive 20 car garage, given its area size.

The idea of introducing a bigger garage will also make way for garage-customisation features. Although rumour mills suggest that the impending DLC would add 20 new cars, it is likely that we will only see a handful of new cars with the rest being the variations between armoured, non-armoured and fully-customisable cars.