Google Play Store 8.3.41 APK now available [DOWNLOAD LINK]

Only 10 hours since the previous update, the Google Play Store 8.3.41 APK version has been rolled out.

google play store
(Google Play)

The latest Google Play Store version is now available to download, only 10 hours after the previous update was released. The Google Play Store 8.3.41 APK arrives with minor updates from Google Play Store 8.2.58 version.

The newest Google Play Store version might not be a big update but it comes with a couple of features under the hood, including the Cookbooks, FAB button and Quick install button. Not much has been revealed for this APK version other than it is intended for all devices, including Android Wear and Android TV.

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Noticeably, the new build number seems to have jumped, breaking the circuit since the previous numbers. Before the 8.3.41 and 8.2.58 arrived, Google used 8.2.56, 8.2.39, 8.2.55, 8.2.40, 8.2.38, and so on in the entire month of September. Previous versions mostly focus on bug fixes.

You can download the Google Play Store 8.3.41 APK here.

In other news, the Android Excellence collection for Fall 2017 officially kicks off. Google awards the exemplary apps on the Google Play Store in terms of design and performance, among other criteria.

Some apps and games who made it to the current shortlist are free podcast player CastBox, free stock trading app Robinhood, cycling and hiking map Komoot, puzzle adventure game Karma Incarnation 1, classic arcade shooter franchise Sky Force Reloaded and ala Plants-vs-Zombies defence game Dream Defense.

This article was first published on October 5, 2017