Google Photos Android App update allows faster video sharing

Google Photo update allows 4K video upload faster, as the full resolution replacement happens automatically and it does not deteriorate the quality of the video.

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The much popular Google photos Android app received an update last week which allows users to upload high-quality videos on slow connections.

The play store listing of this application is already showing an updated version dated, September 29, 2017, which indicates that the updated version is now available for all android users.

The technology behind fast upload

The new update can be considered the continuation of the photo upload feature which was introduced earlier in 2017.

In the update, the software automatically detects the slow internet connection and will upload a low-resolution image file for the time being.

Later, when the device detects a strong Wi-Fi connection, the image with its full resolution will be uploaded in the place of the previous low-resolution picture.

The same feature is now available for video files. The Google photos app will detect the slow connection and will upload a low-resolution video for sharing. Finally, when a Wi-Fi connection is enabled, it will be replaced with a full-resolution version.

However, Google has not specified the resolution quality of the initial videos which will be uploaded during the time of low connection.

"We've reduced the wait time for sharing videos in Google Photos by uploading low-res copies for sharing, and later replacing them with the high-res versions," reads the app's description on Google Play store.

Upload videos without wasting your time

The new update is undoubtedly a boon for travellers and users who usually come across problems related to low bandwidth. The pixelated video uploaded during the slow connection will be soon changed to a high-resolution clip once the user gets connected to a stable wi-fi.

The new feature is expected to receive a positive response from the general public, as most of the android users are using high-end smartphones which can record high-resolution 4K videos.

As of now, the update is only available for Android users, and it is not compatible with iOS platforms (iPhone 8 and iPhone X) which allow 4K video recording at 60-frames-per-second.

To enjoy this new feature, existing users of Google Photo App should update to version 3.6.

As Google is continuously introducing new features and updates to this photo-sharing app, its popularity is reaching new heights, and as of May 2017, it has more than 500 million users under its belt.