Google Play Store 8.2.56 APK now available for download

The Google Play store's 8.2.56 update comes with some minor tweaks and bug fixes but has no significant update to the user interface yet it counters some probable threats.

google play store
(Google Play)

Google on Wednesday rolled out the latest Google Play Store version just a couple of days after the last update. Google Play Store 8.2.56 version comes with some minor tweaks and bug fixes.

The latest version of the store clocks in at 18.27 megabytes. Although it comes with no crucial update to the user interface, the latest version is necessary to counter some threats that may be lurking around the store.

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This is the fourth update Google rolled out in barely a week. In the upcoming updates, improvements are expected to be delivered on visual and system performance.

It is recommended to wait for Google's signal for the official update. However, for those who cannot wait for it, the Google Play Store 8.2.56 APK is now available to download. Check out the download link here.

In the meantime, it has been a downside of the store for lack of means to inform users of their current and remaining balance and when they will expire; some users have complained losing their balance without them knowing it unless they come back to Google Play to check it.

Some users recently found out that the Google Play app for Android now shows users the nearest balance expiration date. This change is particularly helpful when users have received gift credits or purchased credits from Google Play. Users can check their balance and its expiration under Account > Payment methods.