Google Assistant is coming to Chromebooks very soon

Google Assistant for Chromebooks might be launched 4 October.

Google Assistant is reportedly coming to Chromebooks very soon as revealed by the Google Home app. Although the California-based firm is still silent, reports suggest it might be released on 4 October in the US.

The Google Home app is giving its users an idea that some Assistant apps can actually work on Chromebooks. The Assistant app list reveals Google Home is one of the compatible devices with Google Home through Chromebooks.

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Previous speculations suggested the online advertising company had been planning to bring Google Assistant to Chromebooks. However, there was no evidence indicating such move until recently.

It remains a mystery as to when Google is expecting to release its smart voice assistant to Chromebook devices. Chromebook is only one of the few Google hardware products that have missed Assistant.

Under the Chat with your Assistant tab beside phones, Google Home and Allo, Chromebook is listed in the compatibility section. The Chromebook icon also shows up once the mouse hovers over it just like in Google Home and Allo.

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According to 9to5google, the smart voice assistant is "likely coming pretty soon", speculating that it could be introduced as a feature of the recently leaked PixelBook when it launches soon.

Google will be holding a big event on Thursday (5 October) to introduce its new line of products including the Pixel 2 variants, Google Home Mini and more.