Google files patent for smart, see through window AC

The best feature of the patent is an inbuilt window on the window AC, which will allow the people inside the room to look outside


Google has just filed a patent for a window air conditioner that allows the residents see through the window, despite the AC being there. Supposedly the Google patent also says that the AC is going to be blade free.

Windows ACs are often cheaper and simpler than the split ACs but comes with lots of drawbacks, such as blocking the view, being less cooling and letting the hot air comes in via gaps in the window. Moreover, there are more hazards while installing a Window AC than a split one.

However, the Google patent describes a design for window AC minus these troubles. It describes a window unit without blades and with better seal so that, hot air cannot come in from outside. And – making it up for the AC blocking the view.

As per Digital Trends, the patent also describes a unit that will offer cooling modes, which will minimise power draw and noise. The patent also details evaporator loops that could more efficiently manage power draw, with the help of a smart thermostat.

For a higher-end solution, Google's patent also discusses the use of Peltier-based cooling that could bring down the size of an AC.

As this is just a patent filing, Google is unlikely to make one soon but it looks like the company is seriously looking to expand its range of home appliances.

This article was first published on April 10, 2017