From Novice to Expert: How This Tech Polymath Learned and Evolved in a Highly Competitive Industry

Rakesh Singh

Change is the power propelling the financial technology (FinTech) industry forward. The best type of change is not the change people wait for, but the kind of change that people create.

"In my journey of growing from a beginner to a master of my craft, I've seen, first-hand, how fast-paced the tech industry is. Slow days do not exist. There is barely any room to wait around. We are in constant motion, in constant thought on how to innovate an already futuristic industry," says Rakesh Singh, one of the most seasoned product development specialists in FinTech.

With 12 years of experience in his field, Singh has seen and built FinTech software that has become staples for the corporate world.

The First Step: Early Beginnings in Information Technology

From the outset, Singh exhibited a natural aptitude for handling the complexities of Information Technology. With a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Jamia Hamdard University and a Master of Science in Information Systems & Technology from George Washington University, Singh took the corporate world by storm.

His decade-long tenure at Accenture laid the groundwork for his rise through the tech ladder. Within the organization, his roles ranged from Business Consultant, Program Manager and Product Manager where he handled initiatives in Digital Transformation, Cloud Migration, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation.

The Leap: Chasing New Technologies

In 2022, Singh assumed the role of Vice President of Product Management at JPMorgan Chase. Responsible for engaging with customers to develop product features, building roadmaps, and managing product capacity, Singh's leadership was crucial in reshaping industry norms.

Singh also manages the critical JP Morgan Merchant Payment Networks product. He shoulders the responsibility of scaling the payment network while leading initiatives to automate workflows and enhance product features. Key deliverables fortify his leadership, including establishing a product cabinet cadence to streamline product initiatives and the strategic response to modernize the Payment Network systems for scalability. This movement stabilized the Payment Network and improved the customer experience for JPMorgan Chase customers.

Singh's role also extends to managing Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Products within the JPMC networking domain. Within this space, he architects modernistic solutions for internal customers, ensures compliance with security guidelines, and drives technical innovation in infrastructure operations.

From his extensive experience at Accenture—where he held important roles in Digital Transformation, Cloud Migration, Program & Product Management—Singh's multifaceted expertise is solidified. He has contributed significantly to Product Development for Fortune 500 clients.

The Trophies of Technology

In 2024, Singh's achievements have garnered widespread recognition, including speaking engagements and podcasts with "Product Unfiltered" and serving as a guest speaker at renowned institutions like John Hopkins University.

Additionally, the launch of his mentorship program via TopMate was yet another significant cornerstone for his commitment to serving the community. Throughout the first month of the program, Singh received a tremendous response, leading him to mentoring over 40 aspirants. As a result, the tech mogul's initiative was ranked within the top 1% of the mentorship programs on TopMate.

Notably, he was honored with the prestigious India Achievers Forum "International Achievers' Award" for his outstanding professional milestones and contributions to nation-building. Singh's leadership role as a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and "Chapter Chair" of the Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS) chapter alone shows his dedication to creating a positive impact through mentorship within his field.

The Quantum Jump: The Perpetual Cycle of Innovation

As Singh recounts his journey, he recognizes the power of adaptability and resilience to triumph in the dynamic tech landscape. "Change is inevitable, but our response to it defines our trajectory," says Singh.

Rapid technological advancement is shaping the world. Singh's legacy inspires future generations of innovators, reminding them that success lies not in standing still but in embracing change.