Glowing Object Spotted Next To NASA's Space X Launch

The presence of this mysterious glowing object during SpaceX's launch has made many believe that aliens are watching humans

It was on Sunday, November 15 that Elon Musk's SpaceX carried four dragon capsule crew members to the International Space Station (ISS). A woman named Rebecca who was present at the NASA and SpaceX launch captured the visuals of the event, and she was shocked to see a glowing object in the background.

Mysterious Lights Common in Rocket Launches

After spotting the glowing object in the clip, Rebecca soon sent the clip to Michael Bradbury who runs the popular YouTube channel MrMBB333.

"Above this cloud, you're going to see a bright light and it moves. It's like it was waiting on the rocket to get to that certain position," said Bradbury in the video uploaded to YouTube.

Crew Dragon
Crew Dragon lift off from Kennedy Space Center, Florida Twitter

Michael Bradbury suggested that mysterious flickering lights are quite common during rocket launches.

Viewers Share Their Thoughts on Mysterious Light

The video uploaded by MrMBB333 has already gone viral, and it has racked up more than 56,800 views on YouTube. After watching the video, viewers of MrMBB333 also shared their theories to explain this bizarre sighting.

Most of the viewers who watched the video suggest that aliens might be watching rocket launches. These alien enthusiasts also claim that UFO sightings have happened during several previous rocket launches too.

"I believe there were several other launches in the past where UFOs were spotted observing takeoffs," commented Terry Bets, a YouTube user.

"They like to observe what we're doing in their space," commented Hunter Dixon, another YouTuber.

A few days back, Scott C Waring, a self-styled alien hunter claimed that an astronaut aboard the ISS had captured the image of a UFO above Hurricane Laura. On his website, Waring revealed that these images were taken last August, and he assured that these events are concrete evidence of alien existence. Waring also bizarrely suggested that the UFO above the earth had played a crucial role in triggering hurricane Laura.

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