Return of Phoenix Lights: Multiple UFO Sighting Reports in Hawaii Spark Alien Debate

After watching the video, several people have claimed that the UFO lights were actually the part of an alien mothership.

A creepy video shared by popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel MrMBB333 has resulted in an internet meltdown. The video apparently shot from Hawaii on October 24 shows multiple lights hovering in the skies. The strange event was witnessed by several people, and some of them have bizarrely called the lights an alien mothership.

Return of Phoenix Lights

It was in 1997 that several UFOs appeared in the skies of Arizona, Nevada, and the Mexican state of Sonora. Popularly known as Phoenix Lights, conspiracy theorists consider this UFO incident as one of the most intriguing evidence of possible alien existence.

UFO Hawaii
Alleged UFO lights in Hawaii YouTube: MrMBB333

In the new video released by MrMBB333, the uploader has compared the Hawaii UFO to Phoenix Lights.

"I don't know what we've got going on here but I think this is way much more than Chinese Lanterns. These were moving at the same speed as if they were part of something bigger," said Michael Bradbury, who runs the YouTube channel.

He also suggested that the lights that appeared in the skies could be coming out from one single flying vessel.

Netizen React on UFO Event

The video uploaded by MrMBB333 has already gone viral on YouTube, and it has racked up more than 84,000 views. Most of the viewers who watched the video suggested that these lights could be proof of alien presence on Earth. According to these alien enthusiasts, advanced extraterrestrials from deep space have visited the earth to monitor human activities.

"There is one thing for sure!! The government knows exactly what these objects are but are being very hush hush about it. Otherwise, this stuff would be all over. And they are becoming more and more out there with their appearing. Makes one wonder what is about to happen here on earth," commented Josey Wales, a YouTube user.

"This is becoming such a frequent occurrence and I am so glad I have lived long enough to see it become fairly common. We live in wonderful and fascinating times," commented Lyreh Life, another YouTuber.

In the meantime, skeptics have dismissed the alien theory, and they made it clear that these lights could be Starlink satellites. However, unlike usual satellite sightings of satellites, these objects were not spotted in a straight line.

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