Conspiracy Theorist Spots 'Thermal Vent That Goes Underground' in Mountains of Antarctica [VIDEO]

The Google Earth conspiracy theorist also gave an explanation of why he thinks the area is not a frozen pond or lake

A conspiracy theorist has claimed to have seen an 'air vent that goes underground' in Antarctica. The truth-seeker, who is known as 'Mr MBB333' on YouTube aid that he got the set of coordinated from a fan and was amazed to find what he believed was a 'thermal vent'.

Based on the measurements making use of the tools on Google Earth, the area is more than 150 feet wide and has two distinctive features, a pitch-black 'opening' and a metal-like 'shield', as per reports.

Thermal Vent in Antarctica?

Antarctica Metal Vent
Antarctica YouTube Grab/ MrMBB333

The conspiracy theorist explained why he thinks the area is not a frozen pond or lake as he said, "That looks like some sort of vent, a thermal vent that goes underground. You can tell that the snow is darker than any other snow in the surrounding area. That would imply to me that there is heat transfer going on," as reported by the Daily Star.

The truth-seeker then enhanced the image, suggesting the top section is some metal or metal alloy, a man-made structure over an opening that is going underground. For convincing the viewers that it is something out of place he pointed out that there is no volcano closeby that would imply any volcanic activity. "It is just there all by itself," he added.

The viewers got fascinated by the size of the so-called 'iron dome' as one of them suggested, "That dark snow around that opening is from UFO exhaust fumes." Another netizen wrote, "That dome doesn't look natural at all, looks like it has a rim as well."

One of the netizens stated that the area had been previously mentioned by US conspiracy theorist and investigative journalist Lina Moulton Howe. Many of the opinions of the viewers were associated with an alien base as few were also convinced that it was naturally formed.

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