Scientists Say Aliens May Have Already Spotted Humans; Here's How

A top NASA scientist had recently predicted that evidence of alien life could be discovered within 2021

Considering the vastness of the universe, several space scientists strongly believe that there could be advanced alien life thriving somewhere in the cosmos. Missions like NASA's Kepler and TESS have succeeded in discovering several exoplanets that are located in the habitable zone of their star system. And now, a pair of astronomers have claimed that aliens could have already seen earth.

Aliens Might be Capable Like Humans

Lisa Kaltenegger, an associate professor and director of Cornell University's Carl Sagan Insitute, and Joshua Pepper, associate professor of physics at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania believe that humans have already been spotted if there is the presence of advanced life outside the solar system.

Reptilian aliens
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The duo has already identified 1,004 stars very similar to the sun. According to these researchers, these stars might be orbited by Earth-like planets in the habitable zone where there could be an abundance of water for life to thrive.

The researcher duo revealed that all these stars are located within a 300 light-year radius from the earth, which means advanced aliens from these star systems could scan the blue planet easily.

Direct Line of Sight to Earth

Lisa and Joshua suggested that planets in these star systems will have a direct line of sight to earth, and if that is the case, these advanced beings might have already located the blue planet as a potential place where life might be thriving.

"Let's reverse the viewpoint to that of other stars and ask from which vantage point other observers could find Earth as a transiting planet. If observers were out there searching, they would be able to see signs of a biosphere in the atmosphere of our Pale Blue Dot," said Lisa, reports.

Crucial Alien First Contact near?

The revelations from these scientists come at a time when space agencies like NASA are busy searching for alien life within the solar system. A few days back, a team of scientists had announced that there could be alien life in the clouds of Venus.

Earlier, NASA chief scientist Dr Jim Green had also predicted that humans are on the verge of discovering alien life, and he predicted that life, at least in its microbial form will be discovered on Mars within 2021. However, he also made it clear that humanity is not yet ready to accept the realities surrounding the existence of alien life.

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