Ghislaine Maxwell to Commit Suicide in Jail Cell Following Conviction? Bizarre Theory Erupts on Social Media

British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of sex trafficking and grooming underage girls for years as pedophile Jeffery Epstein's madam, by a Manhattan court. Social media was lit up with baseless speculations about Maxwell attempting a suicide following her conviction.

Daughter of late media mogul Robert Maxwell, the 60-year-old was charged with enticing a minor to travel to engage in criminal sexual activity, transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, conspiracy to commit both of those offenses, and perjury in connection with a sworn deposition.

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Will Maxwell be Put on Suicide Watch ?

Maxwell's conviction came after six days of deliberation by a jury of 12 which including equal number of men and women. The sex offender's aide was found guilty on five of the six counts except enticing an individual under the age of 17 to travel with intent to engage in illegal sex.

Soon after the news of Maxwell's conviction came out, the social media was lit up, with users suspecting that she too would be committing suicide inside the prison cell. "Facing certain life in prison, you gotta figure Ghislaine Maxwell is looking for a deal to name names. Time to up the suicide watch level," tweeted a user.

"Are there any places where we can bet money on how long until Ghislaine Maxwell commits suicide in prison?" wrote a user as another added, "I, for one, am saddened to hear about Ghislaine Maxwell's upcoming suicide this weekend."

"Am thinking that there is a lot of us who hope that Ghislaine Maxwell does not unwillingly commit suicide the way Epstein apparently did. If she survives, I hope she throws every dirt bag under the bus that deserves it," expressed another user.

Tough Times Ahead for Prince Andrew?

Maxwell's conviction appears to have brought additional trouble for the disgraced Prince Andrew, who was accused of having sex with one of Epstein's then underage victim, Virginia Roberts.

Roberts had claimed that Andrew had sex with her on three occasions including once when she was a minor at 17. In an interview with BBC One, Virginia had claimed that she was forced to have sex with Andrew at the behest of Epstein, a close friend of the Prince. Virginia had called sex with the prince as disgusting and quick.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Los Angeles attorney Lisa Bloom, who represented eight victims of the billionaire pedophile, said that the sacked Prince should be quaking in his boots' following Maxwell's verdict.

Claiming that Bloom prince's technical objections 'aren't going to fly', Bloom said, " He should be quaking in his boots. Because this shows that a jury is willing to come back with a guilty verdict even if the accusers are not perfect, as no human being is. Even if there were grounds for cross-examination, which there were, they looked to the essence of the story and they found that Ghislaine Maxwell was guilty of sex trafficking."