Who is Amanda Renee Henry? Drunk Tennessee Woman Makes Sexual Advances, Tries to Open Cabin Door Mid-Air

A Tennessee woman was arrested after she assaulted two cabin crew members after they stopped her from opening the cabin door mid-air on a Spirit airlines flight. Amanda Renee Henry turned herself to the FBI on Tuesday.

The 43-year-old is charged with interfering with a flight crew in a criminal complaint unsealed Tuesday, Dec. 28, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Middle District of Tennessee said in a news release.

Amanda Renee Henry
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Henry Made Sexual Advances Towards Male Passengers

In the incident which took place on a November 27 flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Nashville, Henry allegedly consumed a lot of alcoholic drinks after boarding the flight.

News Channel 3 reported that the flight crew denied any more drinks to Henry after they found her to be highly intoxicated.

The outlet reported that according to the eyewitness, Henry was also seen vaping during the flight. She allegedly made lewd sexual advances towards her male passengers who got uncomfortable after she placed her hands on one of them, according to the complaint.

Henry Got Agitated After Asking to Shift Her Seat

Following the complaint of the passengers sitting next to he in the flight, the crew members requested Henry to another seat. However, an agitated Henry refused and after grabbing her handbag ran towards the front of the aircrafts shouting, " I'm getting off this plane."

Another crew member ran towards Henry to block her from approaching the main cabin door. The intoxicated woman that started to kick and fight off the flight attendant. She also pulled the hair of another flight attendant who was assisting to restrain her.

Finally, it was a passenger, an off-duty firefighter, who assisted the crew in restraining the unruly Henry. After restraining Henry to her seat, the firefighter agreed to sit next to her and keep her calm for the rest of the flight. When the plane landed at Nashville International Airport, Henry was arrested by the Nashville Airport Department of Public Safety and charged with public intoxication, the news release read.

Few days ago, Patricia Cornwall, was arrested after she assaulted an elderly man for not wearing a mask while eating and drinking mid-flight on a Delta Airlines flight from Tampa Bay to Atlanta.