Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Reportedly Unconscious After Attempting to Take her own Life

Former AOA member Kwon Mina is reportedly unconscious after attempting to take her own life in the early hours of June 29. She is in hospital and observed. Though the singer is still unconscious, she is out of danger, the report stated

An acquaintance found the singer lying unconscious at her home, and the person immediately took her to the hospital, according to an exclusive report by Hankook Ilbo. The report stated that the acquaintance visited Mina's house because the singer was not responding to her calls, and she became worried about her. When she reached Mina's house, she found the singer lying unconscious, and she immediately contacted the emergency services.

The acquaintance took the Korean singer to the hospital, and she underwent surgery. Although the former AOA member is out of danger, she is still unconscious, the report stated. Her representative is yet to release a statement about her health.

AOA-Kwon Mina
AOA member Kwon Mina is recovering at the hospital. AOA-Kwan Mina/ Facebook official

Kwon Mina Writes Lengthy Letter

Several hours before the incident, the singer posted a lengthy handwritten letter on Instagram apologizing to all her followers for not keeping her promise of quitting social media. In the letter, she addressed the controversies surrounding her. She explained the bullying issue and the cheating controversy of her former boyfriend.

"I'm sorry for showing actions of not taking responsibility for my words. I kept saying that I would get off Instagram and take time to self-reflect. I had to give you discomfort again. I contemplated a lot. But there were so many incidents, such as the incident with Yoo and Shin Jimin to keep my mouth shut," the former AOA member stated.

The singer also wrote about how some people, who are not directly involved in the incident, are coming up with different stories. Mina then stated that she wants to address them in detail. According to her, they are all lies, and she wants to explain each incident in detail.

"There were so many stories that came out that were different from what I experienced. Also, people asked me to explain. I want to explain everything for what they are. So I will explain everything without any lies," she added.