Kwon Mina to Go Live on Instagram to Unravel Truth Behind Her Relationship With Yoo, Shin Jimin

Former AOA member Kwon Mina has promised to speak out only facts and asked netizens to sue her if she is found lying.

Over the past few days Kwon Mina has been making headlines every day with a new controversy. Ever since she posted her photograph with a man named Yoo on her Instagram claiming him to be her boyfriend, the singer has been facing allegations including stealing someone else's boyfriend.

She has also been criticized for dragging Shin Jimin's name in almost every post of hers. After replying to these allegations through her Instagram posts, now Mina has announced that she will answer every query from her fans and netizens on a live stream.

The former AOA member said that she will go live on Instagram and mainly address the issue and reveal the complete story behind her relationship with Yoo. The singer has also promised to address Jimin's issue and reveal everything Jimin had done to her. "I can't write it all out so I'll explain on the live stream. It's not going to be pre-recorded, and I'll talk about everything on my own," Mina wrote in the post.

Kwon Mina's Boyfriend First Picture
Kwon Mina with her rumoured boyfriend. Kwon Mina Instagram

Insta Live With Prior Notification

"I don't have a YouTube channel so I'll be going live on Instagram soon with a notification prior to the live stream. I'll prepare well so it won't be a rambling speech," read Mina's statement. The singer also said that she will reveal only facts. "If there's anything that isn't true, please sue me," Mina said.

Further, Mina also gave a hint about what she would be speaking during the live stream. "I'll be mostly talking about the current controversy and Yoo's statement will also be addressed. There are people saying why I'm mentioning Shin Jimin but this is what I wanted to say? Why did you bring her up again? And I apologized to the ex-girlfriend through DM's and I will officially address what I'm feeling sorry about. I will talk about things I've done wrong and will reflect upon those. But I will state the facts only. And if I see something way out of proportion...I'll address those later," Mina said.

Yoo's Ex-Girlfriend's Clarification

This post comes after Mina's boyfriend's ex-girlfriend took to social media (on June 2) to explain her side of the story. She had earlier claimed that her boyfriend's photo with K-pop idol on Instagram had surprised her. "At that point, I did not even imagine that Kwon and Yoo's relationship would be what it is now. I felt strange when I could not talk to him over the phone from around 5 pm KST on June 25. I could reach out to him through Kakao Talk messages," Yoo's ex-girlfriend wrote.

Kwon Mina had in her earlier post stated that she had already apologized to Yoo's ex-girlfriend, which was refuted by the latter. However, it looks like Yoo's ex-girlfriend has decided to move on. She wrote on her Instagram post: "To be honest, when I saw the photo of my boyfriend with the Korean singer, it affected me badly. But that shock helped me recover fast and return to normal life. From now on, I'm going to focus on my life. I sincerely thank every one of you who stood with me during hard times," she said.

Complete Text of Kwon Mina's Post:

"This is Kwon Mina. I'll soon personally address everything regarding the ongoing controversy from the beginning. I have previously talked about some parts but I feel wronged after being accused of the things that I didn't do. I realized if I don't articulate in detail, things I've said are twisted or exaggerated. I will officially address things that I've done wrong and apologize too.

But I can't believe there are people who want to defend Shin Jimin. There are more victims other than me and I'd like to readdress how she treated me with details. The victim doesn't become the perpetrator just because the victim is sharing a lot. I will sincerely apologize if there's my fault out of many incidents. But I don't have anything to apologize to Jimin. I also didn't receive a sincere apology from her. I don't have a YouTube channel so I'll be going live on Instagram soon with a notification prior to the live stream. I'll prepare well so it won't be a rambling speech.

If there's anything that isn't true, please sue me. I've been collecting evidence regarding the posts accusing me of saying things that I didn't say. I'd like to clarify things because I'm human too. Again, believing or not is your own discretion, but please sue me if you are certain that I'm lying. I want to officially apologize to the ex-girlfriend and I'll admit the things I've done wrong. But first, I want to ask for your understanding and patience. I need to sort things out if there are posts that need to be clarified or if I need to admit," said Kwon Mina.

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