Kwon Mina's Controversy: From Receiving Death Threat to Boyfriend's Explanation on His Break Up with Ex, 5 Things to Know

Kwon Mina has found herself in the centre of a controversy again. The actress-singer is hitting the headlines after she revealed her boyfriend to the world, but to her dismay, she is being verbally attacked by netizens for destroying her beau's relationship with his former girlfriend. Here, we bring you important statements made by her and her boyfriend in connection with this issue.

Kwon Mina
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Ex-girlfriend's Friends Call Her Boyfriend "Cheater"
Soon after Kwon Mina made her relationship official, the friends of her beau's former girlfriend started making allegations of cheating against him. One of the friends on online community Nate Pann claimed that the idol's boyfriend was in a relationship with her friend for over two years and Mina started seeing her despite knowing about his relationship status.

Her boyfriend's relationship with his ex-girlfriend was known to everyone and they never hesitated to share their pictures on social media. He stated seeing Mina without breaking up with his ex-girlfriend, the post claimed.

Another friend claimed that her friend came to Korea from the UK to be with him. Kwon Mina's boyfriend was living with his girlfriend since 2019. A few days ago, he left their house stating that he would be staying in his friend's house after which she found him on Mina's wall. The friend also shared the screenshots of their conversation to prove her claims that Mina approached the boy despite knowing that he was already in a relationship.

Kwon Mina's Boyfriend First Picture
Kwon Mina with her rumoured boyfriend. Kwon Mina Instagram

Kwon Mina's Response to Allegations
The idol has denied all the allegations made against her and her boyfriend. She admits that she had asked him to do a sketch for her and aware of the fact that he was already in a relationship back then. However, Kwon Mina was unwilling to date anybody who was already seeing someone.

Kwon Mina told him clearly that she would only see if he was a single and had broken up with his ex-girlfriend. She has also opened up about receiving DMs from his ex-girlfriend. "I was not the one who made the first move(?) on my boyfriend. And my boyfriend never ghosted the ex-girlfriend. She's the one who's not picking up his calls. After he saw the post, he wanted to talk about it over the phone. So do I, but since there's no way to reach her, we're frustrated. Anyway, I hope the ex-girlfriend's friend would delete the post... because this could definitely lead to both her and me getting witch hunted. I know what that's like and I'm scared. I wish she would have looked into the whole story before writing something like that," Koreaboo quotes the actress as claiming in her Instagram post.

She also shared the screenshots of their initial conversations while denying all the allegations against them.

Boyfriend's Clarification
Her boyfriend named Yoo Joon Young claimed that he broke up with his ex-girlfriend via a phone call and he started seeing Kwon Mina only after his relationship with his previous relationship. He tried to reach out to her the next day but she did not respond to his calls and messages. He also tried to put an end to all the speculations blaming him for cheating on her.

Kwon Mina
Former AOA member Kwon Mina has deactivated her Instagram profile. Instagram

Kwon Mina's Gets Death Threats
Kwon Mina, in another post, has claimed that she has received a death threat from the father of her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. "The ex-girlfriend's father is sending me some extremely threatening messages. Why? It's not that I have no fault in what happened, that's not what I'm saying. But why is it okay for him to say that he'll come kill me? Why am I the slutty whore in this story? Why are we talking about my cervical cancer diagnosis, as if it's because I'm a slutty whore? My doctor can confirm that it's caused by stress. Why, why, why do I have to put up with all these hateful messages?" Koreaboo quotes her as saying.

Nonetheless, she understands her father's behaviour since his daughter's heart is broken over the relationship and he was venting out his frustration on her.

Kwon Mina To Take Legal Action
The actress has also warned the accusers and those people who are making malicious comments against her of taking legal action if they do not delete their abusive posts and false allegations.