Kwon Mina Breaks-Up with Boyfriend: I'm a Perpetrator, We Cheated on his Ex-Girlfriend

In a surprising turn of events, Kwon Mina has broken up with her new boyfriend and claimed that they together cheated on his ex-girlfriend. She spoke about the controversy that broke out on 26 June after sharing their first picture on her Instagram.

Kwon Mina's Boyfriend First Picture
Kwon Mina with her rumoured boyfriend. Kwon Mina Instagram

On an Instagram live, Kwon Mina started off by claiming that she had heard from her boyfriend, whom she has referred to as Yoo, about having issues with his ex-girlfriend. After he expressed interest in her, they started bonding and discovered that they were many things in common between them.

Mina's Explanation
She felt that they were not cheating since Yoo had almost broken up with his then-girlfriend. "At any rate, back then, I still thought, "If they broke up when they weren't in love anymore, why is everyone so angry about this? Is it really just because I haven't admitted to the cheating?" You may find this unbelievable, but that's honestly how I felt. That's why, back then, I wrote my posts very coldly, and why I spoke to the victim [A] in an argumentative tone, instead of a polite one," Soompi quotes her as saying.

Kwon Mina came to know the truth only after she read his ex-girlfriend's recent post on Nate Pann and KakaoTalk. Her boyfriend also revealed the truth about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

The idol claims that they both have cheated on his ex-girlfriend and lent her an apology. Kwon Mina has thanked her for taking the courage to post the screenshots of their conversation. The 28-year-old celebrity added, "But it's definitive fact that I am a perpetrator, and I've ended up looking like I only listened to one side and kept insisting that I hadn't done anything wrong, and I admit that all of this is my fault and am truly reflecting on it."

Kwon Mina
Kwon Mina Kwon Mina Instagram

Lies About Death Threat
The former AOA member has admitted that she lied about Yoo's ex-girlfriend's father giving death threats and called her a prostitute. She called, "There were no words like "prostitute" in [A's] father's text messages. I wasn't saying that I'd heard those words from her father but was just writing various things I'd heard here and there, and I was saying that I'd received threats that were [not death threats, but] at the level of death threats.

The reason for this is because [in his text messages to Yoo asking him to take down his posts about A], he wrote the plural form of "you," so I thought that I was included. And to make someone piss themselves, they would have to be at the brink of death or actually die. People only piss themselves when they are at the highest level of fear. People don't piss themselves when they are just raped or wounded or beat up by dozens of people. That's why I was so scared back then, and I thought, "Isn't this going too far?" But after finding out the truth about everything, what parents would like it if the boyfriend of their precious daughter suddenly two-timed her with a random woman for several days... I understand."

Mina claims that she acted like a "sly fox."

On 26 June, Kwon Mina shared the picture of her with Yoo after which his ex-girlfriend's friends shared posts on social media about the idol dating him even as he was in another relationship. The former AOA member denied snatching him from his ex-girlfriend and claimed that they started seeing him only after his break-up with her.