Florida Bride Breaks the Internet as She Gyrates in Thong and Gives Lap Dance to Groom on Wedding Day [WATCH]

The woman, identified as Rochelle, can be seen in completely backless dress, apron style, with only a matching shimmery thong covering her, while the wedding guests look in awe.

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A Florida bride made her wedding day most memorable for everyone including the guests and everyone on the internet after she gave her groom a sexy lap dance in a completely backless dress with a thong. And now everyone on the internet is glued on to her short and sleazy performance.

The woman, identified only as Rochelle, enthusiastically twerked and grinded on her husband during a choreographed routine that she performed along with her bridesmaids at the reception. She can be seen in completely backless dress, apron style, with only a matching shimmery thong covering her, while the wedding guests are left flabbergasted watching her.

Surprise Element

The viral video of the performance shows guests gawking and pulling out their cellphones to record Rochelle as she dances to Beyoncé's 'Dance for You' in her sparkly apron-style dress. The dance is well choreographed and Rochelle looks like a pro who makes an entry like a star before the performance.

The video shows her cheekily pushing a boy out of her way with her hand as she seductively walks in a circle around her husband, who is seated on the makeshift dance floor and smiling from ear to ear. She then makes the entire performance even more seductive as she bends over and shakes her bare booty in his face before sitting on top of him.

The bride rubbing her rear on the groom's body during the sleazy performance Twitter

Draped in the bedazzled halter dress and matching G-string undies, she wiggles her butt in her husband's face while the bridal party makes sultry moves again to the sexy song. The video then cuts to Rochelle and her bridesmaids doing the viral 'Twerkulator' dance set to the City Girls' hit song of the same name.

The video has since gone viral with over 2.8 million views and is still counting.

Gyrating Shamelessly

Rochelle performing
Rochelle performing in thongs in front of her husband and other guests on her wedding day Twitter

Rochelle punctuated her performance by getting on all fours and jiggling her goodies up and down to a cheering crowd of family and friends. The guests definitely were entertained but she also took the internet by storm, with Twitter users divided over her performance as many called it "tacky", "sleazy" and "shameless."

"Everything here is tacky. The twerking bridesmaids, the barefoot bride, showing [her] whole a— in front of your entire family, just one big ghetto mess," wrote one cyber critic, noting the she should have thought before coming up with such a performance as there were parents, children, and grandparents present at her wedding reception.

However, that ahsn't stopped people from viewing the video that was titled: 'IS THAT THE BRIDE?!?!?' and tweeted by a used with the handle @ImKindaFunny901.

Rochelle gyrating
Rochelle gyrating and giving her husband a lap dance Twitter

"A lap dance in lingerie.. at a wedding.. in front of all of those people??? Chileeee," one person tweeted.

"Nah doing a lap dance routine for your husband wearing next to nothing in front of his closest friends and both your families is beyond ghetto lmaooo that's not even the right word to define it yet I can't even quantify how wildly tacky this is," another user wrote in disgust.

However, many felt that people were being too too judgmental, noting that the bride should be able to do whatever she wants on her big day.

"It's sad how you can't even have fun at your own wedding reception without being judged," one Twitter user wrote.

"She's dancing for her man. Modesty is a term that was created by a man who was insecure about showing off his mate. There's no such thing as it."