Video of Travis Scott Spitting at Fan and Ordering Crowd to 'F**k Him Up!' Goes Viral after Astroworld Tragedy

The video from a 2015 concert in Switzerland has now gone viral after eight people died at his Texas Astroworld festival on Friday night.

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A video has resurfaced that shows Travis Scott once stopped a show and repeatedly ordered the crowd to "f**k up" a fan who tried to take one of his shoes. The rapper can be seen instigating the concertgoers by telling them to attack the man after accusing him of trying to steal his shoes.

The video from a 2015 concert in Switzerland has now gone viral after eight people died at his Texas Astroworld festival on Friday night. Scott is under fire for not making any effort to stop the show and continued playing on as bodies were pulled from the crowd at Friday's show.

Scott and His Ways

Travis Scott
Travis Scott ordering the crowd "f**k up" the man who was allegedly trying to steal his shoes. YouTube Grab

The incident, which was widely reported at the time, occurred at the OpenAir Festival in St. Gallen, Switzerland in 2015. The video has now resurfaced and shows Scott's outburst at concertgoers from the stage.

Scott can be seen first leaping into the crowd and then pointing at a fan and ordering the crowd to "f**k him up" after he suspected a man of attempting to steal his Yeezy trainers. He singles out the fan and then tells the crowd: "Get that motherf***er, get him."

"Come here, b***h. You tried to take my shoe. You want to be a thief," he can be further heard saying.

The video then shows several people pulling out the man as he tries to make his way to safety to a waiting security guard, with many chanting, "F**k that b***h!"

However, the episode doesn't end there. Scott then appears to spit on the young fan as he encourages the crowd to boo him.

Travis Scott spitting
Travis Scott spitting on the fan Twitter

Even as the crowd turns on the fan, Scott appears to make clear his threat is serious — again shouting, "F**k him up! F**k him up! F**k him up!"

"F**k his ass up!" he shouts again and this time throws his mic as the fan walks away.

Not Learning From His Mistakes

Although the incident happened in 2015, the footage was resurfaced on Monday and was widely re-shared after eight people died during Scott's show at Astroworld in Houston on Friday.

A day later, Scott posted an emotional video to his over 43 million Instagram followers saying he was "devastated" about the deaths. "I can't imagine anything like this happening," he said in the video but in reality continued to perform for up to 30 minutes as people were killed and crowds chanted "stop the show."

The show was called off 30 minutes before schedule. However, by that time eight people had already died and several were injured in what Houston Police described as a "mass casualty event".

Scott has since been in the line of fire and now faces multiple lawsuits although in a bid to do damage control he announced to pay for the funeral of the victims and refund the concert tickets.

After the 2015 video resurfaced, outraged social media users compared it to his response to Friday's Astroworld show.

"Travis Scott can stop a concert because someone tried to steal his shoe but not when literal people are dying and some of yall are defending him?" one person tweeted while sharing the footage.

"He literally stopped a whole a** concert because someone took a SHOE. He can stop a concert when people are being STOMPED and SUFFOCATED to DEATH," wrote another user.

Another Twitter wrote, "That man literally dived into the crowd for a dirty shoe and told the crowd to f**k a boy up for having the shoe. Like y'all don't see the issue????"