'Ever Seen Some T**s Before?': Madison LeCroy Says after Flashing Boobs in Drunken Instagram Live

"Give me a break. I got drunk, I got sloppy. Forget about it. My f**king page. I do what I wanna do. Worry about yourself," she said on Monday in a video posted on Instagram.

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Madison LeCroy is embarrassed after flashing her boobs during an Instagram live while she was too intoxicated after a nigh-long drinking spree. The Southern Charm star went 'Live' at least 16 times on Sunday while drinking with a friend, according to a fan account, and during one of the streams allegedly flashed the camera, according to Reality Blurb.

She is now embarrassed and has apologized to millions of her fans for unknowing hurting many. "Yes, I feel awful. Embarrassed," LeCroy explained in her Instagram Story on Monday. "Drunk ... still, last night was not my best."

Too Drunk

Madison LeCroy
Madison LeCroy Instagram

The 30-year-old took to Instagram and apologized to her fans in a selfie-style video and said that she was too drunk to realize that she was actually flashing her boobs to everyone's view during one of the 16 Instagram Live sessions. "I just noticed that my boobs were out all over the internet but hey, is that the first time [you've] ever seen some t**s before?"

However, what she said didn't sound like she was embarrassed or was actually apologizing. "Give me a break. I got drunk, I got sloppy. Forget about it. My f**king page. I do what I wanna do. Worry about yourself," she continued.

It is not known how many viewed the LeCroy's Instagram Live but it seems her fans liked it, as many of her fans recorded it and started sharing the hot video on social media. Instagram has since removed it from the platform as it violates its policy. However, those who got an eyeful consider themselves lucky.

The Wild Moment

In video captured by the fan account 'Best of Bravo', LeCroy and her friend can be seen singing and dancing along to Taylor Swift's We Are Never Getting Back Together — interpreted by some as a shady nod to LeCroy's ex, Austen Kroll. Suddenly, in one of the sessions, she appeared to be flashing the camera without even realizing as she was too drunk.

The Instagram Live goes on for a few seconds before it abruptly ends. "Sometimes it be like that," LeCroy wrote in the comments on Monday. "Never drinking again."

That said, this is not the first time LeCroy exposed her wild side to her fans. Earlier this year, LeCroy was accused of having a fling with Jennifer Lopez's ex-fiance Alex Rodriguez. Lopez and Rodriguez were engaged at that time and many believe LeCroy was one of the reasons behind the pair's split.

Rumours of a dalliance between LeCroy and Rodriguez first surfaced during a reunion episode of Southern Charms in which she said she had been FaceTiming with a famous baseball player who turned out to be the former New York Yankees slugger.