First double face grafting may pave new way for transplant surgeries

Conference on Face transplant
Conference on Face transplant NY/ Reuters

There are several revolutionary medical cases, which have stunned the world in past years. This time it is French surgeons who have made medical history after successfully carrying out a double face transplant.

According to The Telegraph, a 40-year-old man, who received a new face, has waited for seven years for the results as his body rejected the first transplant. The anonymous man was kept on life support after his original graft was removed in November 2017.

France's biomedical agency and the national hospital service has issued a statement stating that for the first time an incident has shown that re-transplantation process is not impossible in the case of chronic rejection of a donor's face.

The doctors are hoping that if the operation, which took a day to perform, is successful then it will become a breakthrough and help other patients who suffer from the same rejection issues.

The operation is so difficult and risky that as of now only about 40 such operations have been carried out. The procedure includes a life-long dependency on immunosuppressive drugs, which resists the rejection of the foreign organ. Even the medications have their own side effects, as it can trigger cancer.

In May 2005, a French woman called, Isabelle Dinoire, was the first person to undergo a face transplant operation but unfortunately, she died in 2016 at the age of 49, due to cancer. She was 38 when she went under the knife. Before her death, she suffered a transplant rejection problem and faced issues with her lips.

These kinds of operations are useful for assault and accident victims. Currently, there are six other countries in all over the world where such operations are taking place.