Thai clinic comes up with male genitalia whitening, goes viral for this unusual medical procedure

Skin Whitening clinic in Thailand
Skin Whitening clinic in Thailand (Representational Picture) Reuters

There is no doubt that medical science has improved over the years, specifically cosmetic surgeries and procedures for skin whitening. But have you ever heard of skin whitening procedure for private parts? Yes, that is exactly what a Thai clinic is offering, particularly for men, who want to enhance the colour of their genitals.

Even though it sounds bizarre, the truth is that the clinic which used to promote surgeries such as breast augmentation has gone viral for their unusual medical procedure. It all started after an employee from Bangkok's Lelux Hospital posted a video on Facebook.

The social media post has received almost 20,000 shares and more than 10,000 comments, including 4 million views. People who came across the post got confused because they never thought that something like this could happen. However, out of curiosity, the social media audience started tagging other individuals.

In the video, which was uploaded on social media, it showed a man lying on a table and at the same time, a doctor was performing the laser procedure.

There are people who want to do something more with their own body and body parts just like the Russian boy Kirill Tereshin, who injected himself with a homemade muscle-building brew to increase his muscle size. Keeping in mind this weird case of medical science, people started to discuss how bizarre it is. Some of them even started talking about laser whitening procedure for female genitalia on social media.

Atittayapa Photiya/ Facebook

These types of surgeries or skin whitening products, to be precise, provides a boost to the concept of racism. In January 2016, a commercial, which had the slogan "Whiteness makes you win," created a huge uproar, reports The Guardian.

According to a French news agency Agence France-Presse, states that six months ago the Bangkok hospital started the penis-whitening procedure when a client complained about the pigmentation issue on his private parts. The procedure costs $155 per session or $650 for five sessions, as told by, a German news agency.

"We use the same pigmentation laser equipment employed in other skin treatments. All of the equipment received certification [by Thailand's Ministry of Public Health]," said Popol Tansakul, Lelux's marketing manager. He also mentioned that this procedure is so popular that without advance booking it's difficult to get the appointment.

On the other hand, according to BBC, Thailand's Public Health Ministry warned consumers about side effects. They claimed that this procedure could harm people's sex life, including pain, inflammation, scars and reproductive issues.

Dr Thongchai Keeratihuttayakorn of the ministry said, "Penis laser whitening is not necessary, wastes money and may give more negative effects than positive ones."

This article was first published on January 5, 2018