Dulce Huertas: Female Passenger Who Flashed Genitalia During Bizarre Meltdown on Frontier Airlines Flight Slapped with Federal Charges

According to the complaint, Huertas did not urinate but continued to curse passengers as she stood up.

A passenger on a Frontier Airlines flight from Orlando to Philadelphia has been slapped with federal charges following a widely captured video meltdown, during which she exposed herself by pulling down her pants and underwear, verbally abused the crew, and reportedly made threats to kill fellow passengers.

Dulce Huertas, 60, had two cocktails during the November 20 flight. As the plane was preparing to land in Philadelphia, she left her seat and announced, "I have to pee," a federal complaint mentioned. As the shocked passengers reacted in disgust, Huertas unabashedly responded by saying, "I don't give a f*ck," and hurled profanity at multiple people, and saying, "I gotta go pee!"

Charged for Obscenity

Dulce Huertas
Dulce Huertas seen during the bizarre meltdown before she flashed her anus and genitalia on the Frontrie AIrlines flight X

The outrageous incident during the flight from Orlando, Florida, to Philadelphia in November was captured on video, and the footage later went viral on various social media platforms.

A flight attendant identified as "R.G." asked her to return to her seat, but the woman continued to curse others on the flight before eventually complying and taking her seat during the disruptive incident, as detailed in the document signed by FBI Special Agent Kyle Kapron.


"After the plane landed and was taxiing to the gate, Huertas began cursing at passengers around her," it says.

"R.G. asked flight attendant M.P. to call security to assist at the arrival gate."

The captain was alerted about the unruly passenger, prompting an announcement instructing everyone to stay seated.

Upon reaching the gate, Huertas reportedly pushed aside other passengers as she headed toward the front of the cabin. Upon reaching the lavatory, she was intercepted by the crew and prevented from proceeding further.

Dulce Huertas
Dulce Huertas seen flashing her genitalia on the Frontier Airlines flight X

The complaint alleges that the disturbed woman exposed her anus and genitalia during the incident, with children in close proximity. Despite her initial defiance, Huertas quickly pulled her pants back up and stood up.

"Sorry, everybody," she announced, then "pulled down her pants and underwear down as she squatted as if to urinate in the aisle," according to the complaint.

Disgusting Experience

According to the complaint, Huertas did not urinate but continued to curse passengers as she stood up. She then moved towards the front of the plane once more and allegedly demanded passage from a flight attendant by saying, "Let me pass, let me pass."

Dulce Huertas
Dulce Huertas seen cursing passengers during the meltdown X

"M.P. was concerned that Huertas would open one of the external doors and activate an emergency slide. In her attempt to get past S.K., Huertas used her belly to bump S.K.," the complaint says.

At one point, the person behind the camera recording the confrontation was heard saying, "That poor boy next to us" — apparently referring to the young boy across the aisle who viewed the woman's graphic display.

Huertas has been charged with indecent exposure in the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States, interference with flight crew members and attendants, and simple assault. These charges were detailed in the complaint filed on Monday in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Dulce Huertas
Dulce Huertas seen yelling at a flight attendant as she unzipped her trousers X

If convicted, Huertas could potentially face a maximum sentence of 21 years and three months in prison, along with three years of supervised release and a fine of $355,000.

It's worth noting that, according to the FAA's annual year-end data, the number of reports of unruly passengers has notably decreased from its peak two years ago.