Tiffany Gomas: Texas Marketing Executive Who Went Viral After Bizarre Plane Meltdown Rebrands Herself with Glammed-Out 'Empowerment Selfie'

The infamous American Airlines passenger also recently gave a sneak peek of an upcoming website by sharing a two-minute video apology.

The Texas marketing executive behind the viral "that motherf-ker is not real" plane meltdown posted a new selfie on social media in an ongoing effort to salvage her damaged reputation as the "crazy plane lady." Tiffany Gomas, 38, told her followers that she's leveraging her newfound fame and allowing it to influence her future in newly-posted photos on Instagram.

Gomas appears relaxed and informal, sporting a warm smile, flowing hair, and opting for bare feet in the Instagram selfie posted on a Sunday afternoon. And the photo has already garnered thousands of likes from her followers. She has also seen a sharp rise in her social media followers since the infamous incident.

Rebranding Herself

Tiffany Gomas
Tiffany Gomas posted a new selfie on Instagram in a bid to rebuild her image Instagram

"One moment doesn't define you; but it can define your purpose," Gomas wrote in a post that included hashtags #SelfLove #Empowerment #Motivation and #StayTuned. The polished photo and upbeat energy have already had an impact.

The photo has already garnered more than 13,000 likes from her adoring fans and followers are standing by her after the airplane incident. Previous Instagram posts from Gomas have just a meager few hundred likes.

Following the video's viral spread, Gomas saw a surge of over 100,000 new followers on her social media platforms. This prompted her to embark on a campaign to recoup her public image.

"Woman of the year 2023!" one of her followers wrote along with a smiley-face heart eyes emoji.

Other users were shocked at the sharp contrast between Gomas' behavior during the plane incident labeled as "crazy" and her pleasant-looking appearance as a marketing executive, seen on her kitchen floor.

"I'm telling you right now this isn't the same lady from the plane," a user chimed in.

Tiffany Gomas
Tiffany Gomas Twitter

The infamous American Airlines passenger also recently gave a sneak peek of an upcoming website by sharing a two-minute video apology.

In the video, she refers to herself as "the crazy plane lady," a nickname she believes "is completely warranted." Under the embedded video, the words "Stay Tuned" are displayed in bold white text against a black backdrop.

The exact nature of Gomas' upcoming project and its release date remain unclear at this time.

Woman has meltdown
Tiffany Gomas on an American Airlines flight seen having a meltdown as she believed one of the passengers to be imaginary Twitter

However, her video ended with the message: "Join me on my journey of promoting positive mental health and standing up against cyberbullying."

Notorious Star

Gomas, a Dallas native, has made several efforts to rationalize her unusual behavior. In her first interview with the Daily Mail last week, Gomas, displaying a defiant attitude, expressed her frustration at how her life has been "blown up" since the airplane incident.

She also appealed to the people not to hastily "judge" her. "My life has been blown up. It's frightening. Things go viral and everything changes," Gomas told the outlet, while standing in front of her $1.6 million Dallas home.

"No one knows anyone else's story, and no one should judge. No one knows what it's like," she continued.

Tiffany Gomas
Tiffany Gomas Twitter

Gomas claimed that "so much" of the information about her was false, but she would not go into further detail, saying that she was seeing a lawyer.

In the now-viral video, Gomas walked to the front of the plane, which was getting ready to depart from Dallas to Orlando and declared that she was getting off the flight and she was doing so because she believed that "that motherf—er back there is not real."

"You can sit on this plane and you can die with them or not. I'm not going to," she yelled while clutching her $1,900 Goyard tote, before being removed by cabin crew.

Tiffany Gomas
Tiffany Gomas Twitter

It is unclear why Gomas, a Dallas native, felt the flight was under threat. The incident that triggered her emotional outburst on the plane began when she realized her AirPods were missing and apparently suspected another passenger of taking them.

She then bizarrely said, "You can sit on this plane and you can f–ing die with them or not. I'm not going to," the crazed woman said as the plane was taxiing, according to the clip.

She insisted that the crew "halt the plane," compelling the aircraft to return to the gate. Gomas was then removed from the flight.

Tiffany Gomas
Tiffany Gomas Instagram

She then reportedly refused to leave the boarding area and continued her tirade even as she was escorted outside the terminal. During this time, she directed profanities at multiple officers, repeatedly telling some of them to "get the f–k out of my face."

Because of Gomas' behavior, passengers had to deboard Flight 1009, resulting in a delay of at least 3 hours before they were allowed to reboard the plane.

Although Gomas was issued a warrant for criminal trespass, she was neither arrested nor charged. Instead, police found her sitting on a curb outside the airport terminal, awaiting an Uber.

Tiffany Gomas
Tiffany Gomas Instagram

This came after Gomas had made several unsuccessful efforts to return through a TSA security checkpoint and reboard the flight.