Dogecoin Co-founder Billy Markus Accused of Being 'Upset' over Shiba Inu's Rise

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have been at loggerheads despite having the same 'patron saint' as their logo. While Doge has always shown superiority over SHIB in terms of price movement and celebrity endorsement, its hype is being challenged by Shiba Inu at every turn and is staying true to its tagline 'the Dogecoin killer'.

Shiba Inu, despite having no big celerity support, is elbowing Doge in its own game by giving it a run for its money, and bringing it down to Earth by overtaking it in terms of weekly and monthly performance. Since October, Shiba Inu has risen more than 320% in price while Doge is up only +22.2% in a week.

Dogecoin Billy Markus upset Shiba Inu's Rise

However, top Shiba Inu influencer who goes by the name 'Milkshake' simply dropped a comment on David Gokhshtein's Twitter post in which the PAC Protocol's CEO said, ''SHIB community— y'all really think it's going to hit $0.01?'' And followed it up with, ''And can you break it down for me — how is it getting there.''

The tweet was plain and simple. David asked SHIB holders if they believe the coin could touch $0.01 in the near future and asked them how it could get there.

David Gokhshtein how Shiba Inu reaching $0.01
Twitter / David Gokhshtein

Billy Markus dropped a comment saying, ''Why don't you think the market cap will reach 4 quadrillion dollars David.'' It was then that Milkshake came to into the picture and explained Markus how SHIB can reach the number and tweeted, ''Awwww Billy is sad again. Utility, burn mechanics, own blockchain all surrounding the ecosystem and $SHIB.''

ShibaInu Milkshake blocked by Dogecoin's Billy Markus
Twitter / Milkshake @shibainuart

Surprisingly, without entering into a healthy debate, Markus ended up blocking Shiba Inu's top influencer and wind is doing rounds in the crypto sphere that Markus is unable to digest the fact that SHIB is performing well, and as a user on Reddit put it (which was also screenshot and shared by Markus on his Twitter handle) ''You're mad because people are making money off of something that you dismissed.''

Shiba Inu slams Dogecoin Billy Markus
Twitter / Milkshake @shibainuart

However, after being blocked by Markus on Twitter for simply answering a question on ''how is it getting there'', Milkshake shared screenshots showcasing that Markus blocked her for responding.

''Well...I guess he didn't like my explanation @BillyM2k now blocked me. *Tear* $SHIB I was just responding to a really "smarty pants" comment he left on @davidgokhshtein 's post.''

Dogecoin's Billy Markus jealous on Shiba Inu
Twitter / Billy Markus @BillyM2K

However, Markus denies that he's upset about Shiba Inu's rise and shared a screenshot of a Reddit post that accused him of being jealous about SHIB's performance.

He tweeted along with the screenshot saying, ''Read this in an r/cryptocurrency Reddit thread. It is the actual truth behind a lot of people's behavior in the crypto space. One of those "hard to swallow pills." Just remember - people make and lose money in all sorts of stupid ways. Whatever. Just live your life.''

This article was first published on October 7, 2021