Did Casey White Shoot Vicky White? Police Speculate Alabama Inmate Pulled the Trigger on Vicky Before He Was Arrested

As of Tuesday evening, it remains unclear if Vickey killed herself or if Casey shot her.

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Casey White, the escaped Alabama jail inmate, who went on the run with jail guard Vicky White, was arrested on Monday. He is behind the bars again, while Vicky died of a gunshot wound. Although police initially thought that Vicky, 56, killed herself during the car chase, as the gun was found in her hand, however, they now believe that Casey may have also killed her.

On Monday, US Marshals arrested Casey White, 38, and his lover Vicky White, putting an end to a statewide manhunt that began on April 29. Vicky was shot in the head during a dramatic police chase in Evansville, Indiana, and later died in the hospital.

Suicide or Murder

Vicky White
Vicky White and Casey Cole Twitter

Police initially believed that Vicky committed suicide after they received a 911 call wherein operators were told that she was holding the gun with her finger on the trigger, according to audio from a dispatch call.

However, police now have doubts if she was murdered. As of Tuesday evening, it remains unclear if Vickey killed herself or if Casey shot her. Investigators believe that it is quite possible that Casey shot Vicky and then placed the gun in her hand to bluff the authorities.

An autopsy is pending. "When we made the arrest yesterday afternoon, when we were taking Casey into custody he said, 'help my wife, she just shot herself.' Obviously, there's an ongoing investigation to determine just that," US Marshals said in an interview with Good Morning America.

"That's the information we were given from Casey White," they added. Casey is now in custody in Vanderburgh County, Indiana, but is due to be transported back to Alabama.

In fact, Casey after being arrested said that he didn't kill Vickey but "she shot herself." Police believe that Casey was cautious from the beginning to avoid getting charged in Vicky's death.

Tragic End

Vicky White dead
An injured Vicky White seen lying inside the car Twitter

Vicky's death and Casey's arrest put an end to an 11-day-long nationwide manhunt. However, their love story ended in tragedy as many, including the police, had expected. The couple had been hiding out in Indiana since May 3 after they went on the run on April 29.

Their vehicle had been reported to local authorities on May 4 by a member of the public who noticed it parked at an unusual angle. After the vehicle was dumped at his shop last week, James Stinson, who owns a car wash in Evansville, claims he called police and suspected the vehicle belonged to the couple.

Casey White arrest
Casey White being handcuffed and taken away by cops after being captured Twitter

Authorities said they couldn't do anything because it hadn't been stolen. On May 4, Stinson informed NewsNation that he towed the vehicle.

"I walked up to the truck and went, 'Oh my God, it's probably this guy from Alabama.' I walked and looked in the truck because I think he could be dead, passed out, who knows? So I backed up. I opened the door, the keys are in it. I start it up. I Googled the local police department's number because I didn't want to call 911," Stinson said.

"They send a cop out. The cop says, 'Well there ain't nothing I can do. It's not reported stolen.' He ran the plates. Then he left and came back. He looked in it again. He found a gun lock in the seat and said, 'Oh my God, there's a gun lock but there ain't no guns around.' So he left. He just said, 'Do what you've got to do.' I towed it," he added.

However, police finally got in touch with Stinson on May 8 and enquired about the truck. That's when he went through his business's surveillance footage and discovered video of Casey.

Finally, on Monday police got a tip on the whereabouts of Casey and Vicky. The pair also sensed that they were in trouble and tried to run away. However, they were finally arrested after a brief car chase with Vicky dead and Casey arrested.

Sheriff Rick Sheriff Singleton of Lauderdale County, on the other hand, said he wouldn't be surprised if Casey was the one who pulled the trigger. On April 29, he was awaiting trial for the murder of a different woman when Vicky assisted him in escaping.

Vicky Helping Casey White
Vicky White helping Casey White escape his cell in Alabama jail Twitter

"He will never see the light of day again. He will be in a cell by himself. He will stay in handcuffs and shackles while he's in that cell and if he wants to sue me for violating his civil rights, so be it. He's not getting out of this jail again. I'll assure you that," Singleton said.

Vicky was behind the wheel of the couple's car when it crashed during a police chase. When authorities encircled the vehicle, Casey instructed them to assist his "wife," who had been shot.

Singleton claimed Vicky to be the "mastermind" of their logistical escape plan, but it's unclear who came up with the idea to get Casey out.