Dramatic Moment Female Jail Guard Vicky White Sneaks Convicted Murderer Lover Casey White Out of Alabama Prison [WATCH]

Vicky, a widow is seen in the video holding the door for the 38-year-old career criminal, who was still wearing handcuffs.

Police have released a dramatic video footage of the moment a female guard sneaks a confessed murderer out of a prison in Alabama before they went on the run with a shotgun and AR-15. Vicky White was caught on camera slipping out of the Lauderdale County jail with Casey White, a 6ft 9in "monster" after being romantically linked.

This comes as an unnamed ex-girlfriend of Casey said on Tuesday that she is "freaking out" after the convict once promised to kill her as he is now on the run. Vickey, 58, and Casey, 38, escaped from jail earlier this weekend after it was revealed that they were romantically linked.

Chilling Moment

The chilling video captures the moment Vickey helps Casey escape his cell before the two run away. Vicky, a widow is seen in the video holding the door for the 38-year-old career criminal, who was still wearing handcuffs.

She is seen entering entered the building and then exiting with the handcuffed orange jumpsuit-wearing suspect in less than a minute. According to the video, after putting him into the rear of the cruiser, she walked around the vehicle, climbed into the driver's seat, and drove away.

Casey's fictitious appointment at the local courthouse was not attended by the couple. Rather, they abandoned the official vehicle in a shopping center parking lot and escaped, according to authorities.

The two have seen been on the run and police have launched a massive manhunt.

Vicky Helping Casey White
Vicky White helping Casey White escape his cell in Alabama jail Twitter

According to the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office, Vicky White, who had a "special relationship" with the suspect — to whom she is not related — absconded with the convict after saying she was bringing him to a mental health evaluation that turned out to be non-existent. According to authorities, she is wanted for allowing or enabling escape in the first degree.

This comes as the convict's ex-girlfriend on Tuesday said that she was "freaking out" after Casey who once promised to kill her remained on the loose along with a rogue corrections officer.

Warning the Lover

Casey Cole White and Vicki White

The unnamed ex-girlfriend also begged Vicky to flee the killer as they spent a fifth day on the run. The woman who claimed that she was shot by Casey in 2015, warned Vicky that she was "disposable" to the killer.

"They've [local police] promised to step up patrols, but we are freaking out. We don't know if he is going to show up and take us out like he tried to do before," the woman told Huntsville's WAAY 31 from an undisclosed location.

"I thought I would never have to worry about him ever again. Casey White is very dangerous to everybody that is around him."

Vicky helping Casey
Vicky helping Casey enter her car before the two go on a run Twitter

She claimed that Casey may have "manipulated" Vicky and that she needed to seek treatment before she "died or someone else died."

"Run, run as far away as you can and turn yourself in and contact somebody. Do the right thing before you lose your life or before somebody else does," she warned Casey.

Meanwhile, other convicts informed investigators that Vicky and Casey, who were not related, had a "special relationship" in the prison. The US Marshals Service believes the two are armed with an AR-15 and a shotgun, and that they may have escaped in a copper 2007 Ford Edge.

Vicki White and Casey Cole White

Vicky's mother-in-law – whose son died earlier this year -- also believes that the guard was "brainwashed" by the criminal. Vicky is a "sweet" lady, said Frances White.

Vicky was earlier married to Frances' son Tommy, who died of complications from Parkinson's Disease in January. A reward of up to $15,000 was being offered for information leading to the suspect's arrest.