New Video Footage Shows Vickey White and Confessed Murderer and Lover Casey White Cruising Around Town after Escaping Jail [WATCH]

The footage shows the squad car they were traveling in passing a gas station as Vicky drove Casey to a mental health evaluation appointment, which did not exist.

Vicky White, the correction guard at an Alabama Jail, and confessed murderer, Casey White, were spotted on surveillance camera moving around the town in her police vehicle, before abandoning the car and fleeing, according to a new video released on Wednesday. This comes as the manhunt for Vicky and Casey enters its eighth day, with police clueless about their whereabouts.

Vicky, 56, and Casey, 38, shared a "special relationship" that began in 2020, when the prisoner was initially taken to Lauderdale County for his arraignment. However, an Alabama sheriff has claimed that prison staff was unaware of their two-year affair until Vicky helped Casey escape the prison before the two went on the run.

Spotted in Broad Daylight

On Wednesday, Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office released a new video clip that shows, Vicky and Casey cruising around town in her police vehicle. The video clip shows Vicky, the former assistant director of corrections, and murder suspect Casey driving through Florence shortly after leaving the detention center around 9:49 am on Friday.

The footage shows the squad car they were traveling in passing a gas station as Vicky drove Casey to a mental health evaluation appointment, which did not exist.

The video was taken near the intersection of Cox Creek Parkway and Huntsville Road, just four miles from the jail and a ten-minute drive away.

Vicky White Casey White car
Vicky White and Casey White were spotted in the police vehicle near a gas station after escaping jail Twitter

The vehicle was abandoned by the pair about a half-mile from the fueling station at a shopping center before getting into a possible getaway vehicle — a 2007 orange Ford Edge — and taking off.

This comes at the manhunt for Vicky and Casey enters its eighth day. A day earlier police released footage of the moment Vicky helped Casey sneak out of his prison cell and escape jail. According to surveillance video taken at the jail, Vicky helped the 6ft 9in "monster" Casey out of the Lauderdale County Jail before they went on the run with an AR-15 and a shotgun,

Police have now concluded that the escape was well planned as the two were in a secret relationship for the past two years.

Bluffing Everyone's Eyes

Casey Cole White and Vicki White

This comes as an Alabama sheriff said that the jail staff was clueless that Vicky and Casey were in a "special relationship" for two years. The apparent lovers made a break for it on Friday after Vicky informed authorities she was going to take Casey for a mental health evaluation on her last day before retirement.

However, the two bluffed everyone's eyes and escaped.

An arrest warrant for Vicky was issued earlier this week for helping or facilitating escape in the first degree, and the sheriff's office revealed the two had a "special relationship" for about two years before they vanished.

Vicky allegedly assured Casey "was getting additional food on his trays" and "was getting advantages no one other had," according to inmates, a charge supported by an independent inquiry, according to Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton.

"As far as we know that was the earliest physical contact they had," Singleton said of the arraignment. After the accused murderer was sent to prison, he claimed Casey and Vicky continued to correspond.

Vicky met Casey "numerous times" between 2020 and this year at the William E. Donaldson Correctional Facility, where he was serving a sentence on another crime before coming to Lauderdale County to face murder charges.

Meanwhile, Connie White, the mother of the confessed murderer, has defended her son, insisting he is innocent and "not a monster."

The US Marshals Service believes the two are armed with an AR-15 and a shotgun, and that they may have escaped in a copper 2007 Ford Edge.