Bill Gates' Daughter Phoebe Targeted by Trolls After She Shares Snap With Rumored Black Boyfriend

The youngest child of billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates was recently trolled with offensive racist remarks because she posted a picture with her rumored black boyfriend.

Phoebe Gates, 19, shared a sweet Instagram snap of herself being kissed on the cheek by a young black man as they sit beside each other.

Posted with no ill intentions, the picture soon became the target of crude online jokes as users started to take a dig at the interracial relationship of the pair. Some even suggested that the unnamed man is simply using Gates for her father's fortune, as per NY Post.

There is not much known about how Gates met her rumored boyfriend, but there is a high chance that both of them are studying at Stanford.

Trolls social media
The image shared by Phoebe Twitter

While it is not clear whether the two are dating or just friends but that did not stop trolls from flooding the comment section. With some claiming it as a 'win' for the black community, others believed that the news will not settle well with the Microsoft founder.

"I'm so tickled at Bill Gates daughter new man, the black community said he secured the bag," a woman tweeted.

"Bill Gates daughter got a black bf. I hope they get married, we finna get reparations one way or another." another person wrote.

"Bill gates bout to make a whole new virus just to end this relationship, who would've thought that with the ongoing climate crisis Bill Gate's daughter would partake in smoking coal," a Twitter user wrote.

Many comments were also found crudely mentioning the fortune of the Gates'.

Trolls social media

"Phoebe Gates has a black boyfriend, young brotha do not pull out … BE GREAT," a person tweeted.

Another user shared a short video of a man dancing and snapping his fingers with the caption, "When Phoebe Gates boyfriend get added to the joint checking acct."

This is not the first time a celebrity kid has been hit by racist abuse on social media. Back in May, LeBron James' son Bronny, 17, was similarly targeted by trolls when he shared pictures of his high school prom date, The Daily Mail reported.

The 17-year-old arrived at the school dance in a custom Mercedes GT sports car with his date, who was one of his classmates. Unfortunately, not all of the social media users were on board with his decision to take someone who is 'light skinned.' Some even went as far ahead as calling the girl a 'gold digger'

Trolls social media
Bronny and his prom date Twitter

'Lost another black king to a money hungry white girl,' a Twitter user wrote. 'Bron gotta do better SMH.'

'Not a light skinned woman already,' one user added

'Welp, on the bright side, LeBron has more kids. Maybe they will do better.' another commented

'That girl is whiter than white bruh,' a user tweeted

'Should've got a black queen like his dad,' another tweet read with an angry face emoji.