Belgian Mayor Caught Without His Trousers On During Live Interview [VIDEO]

The Mayor of Antwerp was seated behind his desk but the interviewer could not help but notice the politician's bare bottom half in the the strategically placed mirror behind him.

The Mayor of Antwerp was left embarrassed due to an unfortunate wardrobe omission during a live radio interview on Saturday.

Bart De Wever, the mayor of the second largest city in Belgium since 2013, wore a nice green checkered shirt as he sat behind his desk from his study for a live radio interview that was being broadcasted from his home via a phone camera.

During the video chat with Radio 2 presenter his, De Wever was asked about his plans for New Year's Eve and his resolution to stay in shape in 2021. However, it seemed like the lawmaker forgot for a moment that the camera captured not only audio but also visuals.

As the interview progressed, Debrie realized that the 50-year-old mayor decided to forego his trousers after spotting his bare naked legs in the mirror behind him and immediately brought it to the lawmaker's notice.

'I'll Remember This for a Long Time to Come'

Bart De Wever
Bart De Wever in a still from the interview that is being circulated on social media. YouTube

"I'm a little distracted," said Debrie, according to a translation made by The Brussels Times. "You're wearing a very nice shirt, you probably put it on especially for us. But under that shirt: could it be that you're sitting there in your underpants?," she can be heard asking.

"How could you know that?" replied a surprised De Wever. "Damn, because I'm probably sitting in front of a mirror. I didn't take that into account. Here begins the year with a particularly embarrassing moment. I will remember this for a long time to come."

Watch the video footage of the radio interview below:

De Wever, who has been the leader of the Flemish separatist New Flemish Alliance Party since 2004 and one of the most powerful politicians in Belgium, was later trolled by his rival in the French-speaking liberal party, Georges-Louiz Bouchez, who mocked the mayor on Twitter by offering him a pair of boxer shorts wrapped in the colors of the Belgium flag.

It's safe to say De Wever has learned a lesson about how to dress and portay himself during a video meeting.