Apink Member Son Naeun Leaves Girl Group; Announces Departure Through Handwritten Letter

Apink Member Son Naeun has officially left the girl group ahead of the K-pop band's 11th debut anniversary. She announced her departure to the fans through a handwritten letter. It was uploaded on Instagram. In the letter, she expressed her gratitude to everybody, including her teammates, fans, and the agency, IST Entertainment.

The singer said it was not an easy decision to make because the girl group is like a family to her. She was with the band for a long time. She made this difficult decision after much deliberation. Naeun also said she will become a panda to support the girl group members -- Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, and Namjoo.

The K-pop idol thanked all the people who worked hard for Apink from the beginning, including the IST officials and the fans. The singer said the time and memories with the fans are precious.

Son Naeun
Apink member Son Naeun Instagram

Here is the Handwritten Letter by Son Naeun:

Son Naeun Letter

Reasons for Son Naeun's Departure from Apink

The news about Naeun's decision to part ways with Apink first came through an exclusive report by The Fact. According to the report, the singer decided to officially leave the girl group because of her difficulty in balancing her idol life and acting career. The report further stated that she would wrap up all her promotional activities with the girl group after discussions with the team members and the agencies.

"Na-Eun decided she could no longer participate in A Pink's activities due to other schedules at the same time. After a discussion with the two companies and A Pink members, Na-Eun has decided to conclude her group activities", the industry insider said.

IST Entertainment Responds

Following the report, IST Entertainment released an official statement about Naeun leaving Apink. In the statement, the agency said the girl group will continue as a five-member group ahead of the 11th debut anniversary. It further said Naeun will conclude all her activities with the group and the two parties will cheer for each other in the future.

The entertainment agency then said IST Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and all the six members have been involved in deep discussions about the group's activities since February. After the release of Apink's special album, the agency met the staff and group members in-person to share their opinions. The decision to withdraw Naeun from Apink was made after careful consideration.

The Official Statement

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