BigHit Music producer Docskim Receives Backlash for Criticising BTS Army on Twitter

The Twitter war between BTS Army and American producer Mike Dean took an unexpected turn on Thursday after BigHit Music producer Docskim got involved. Docskim personally responded to the American producer's comments against the K-pop boy band. In the process, he also requested Army not to engage in toxic behaviors, including harassment, while supporting their favorite music group.

Docskim shared the screenshot of a tweet by an Army to the American producer bringing his deceased mother into the feud. The BigHit Music producer asked the fan to find a purpose in life and requested Army not to rationalize toxic behaviors, including harassment. Docskim then explained why he commented about Mike Dean's tweet against BTS.

The series of tweets by the BigHit Music Producer began with the words, "As a keyboardist/producer and fan of hip hop, I'm inspired by @therealmikedean. He's one of the legends. BTS is my little brothers and amazingly talented guys. Just disappointed that someone I look up to said those things. Hard to explain...But not okay".

BigHit Music producer Docskim
BigHit Music producer Docskim Twitter

Docskim then explained the reason for writing those words. He then asked BTS Army not to engage in rationalized or toxic behavior.

The BigHit Music Producer Tweeted:

Here is Why Netizens Criticized Docskim

However, his tweet for Army captured the attention of several netizens for all the wrong reasons. They criticized him for generalizing things and spoiling the reputation of the Army.

but it's not even the bad side of the fandom, they're not an army at all?? So quick to ignore the thousands that spoke their mind calmly and tried their best to respond to that unprovoked wh!te man's attack, a netizen tweeted.

We moved on a day ago and decided to ignore but now it's getting dragged up and we're suddenly in the wrong? another Netizen wrote.

Nope, he turned the situation around against ARMY, days after we put it behind us and moved on. Can't keep poking at us unprovoked and expect everyone in the fandom to accept it and be silent. Come on now, another tweet read.

I understand, but you should have checked the account before saying it's an Army. That account isn't an Army, it is a troll, they even changed their profile. This made the army and BTS's reputation bad, a Twitter user wrote.

you have to understand that by sharing that screenshot you contributed to generalizing the army. we are mostly women, so that is more likely to happen to us. to ignore all our criticism in favor of one toxic tweet and proceed to allude we fight with "toxicity" is unfair, another person said.

BTS members Twitter/BTS

Docskim's Responds

The BigHit Music Producer quickly apologized to the BTS Army for generalizing things. He said it was not his intention, and he never meant to generalize the Army off one person.

"I'm sorry, that wasn't my intention. I just wanted to stop the toxicity from getting crazier than it already had. I apologize if I gave the wrong message. I stand with and love my brothers. I am not generalizing Army off one person. The Army that's supported me all these years knows my history and friendship with BTS. And my love for them as well. But I don't believe in justifying fighting toxicity with toxicity", he tweeted.

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