Did Apink's Chorong Apologize to Netizen After Bullying Allegations Made Public?

Apink's Park Chorong has refuted school bullying allegations and filed a case against the netizen. In turn, the netizen has revealed more details about the bullying row.

The issue of bullying allegations against Apink's Park Chorong is getting murkier. The netizen who had claimed that she knew Chorong since childhood and said that the KPop star had bullied her during their school days, has revealed more information on the issue. She even provided photos as evidences to her claims.

Chorong's agency refuted these claims and Chorong has filed a case against the netizen. Her agency Play M Entertainment has warned of strict legal action against the netizen. Following this, the netizen spoke to MBN and provided screenshots of her Instagram message with Chorong along with photographs of them together.

Apink Chorong
Apink leader Chorong is facing bullying allegations. Instagram

Netizen's Claims About DMs and FaceTime

Netizen is said to have sent a direct message to Chorong expressing her current condition. "I still have nightmares when I think about that time. You learned Aikido since you were young while I was an introvert with a weak and small frame. But I am very different now. If you are even a little bit sorry about what you did to me then, make an official apology," netizens's message states, reported Koreaboo.

The netizen also spoke to Tenasia and said that after she sent a DM, she received a call from Chorong. She said that Chorong apologized to her. "But a simple 'sorry' doesn't take away the pain that I've endured these past ten years," the netizen said.

She also said that later, Chorong wanted to meet her. "I denied the request due to the trauma I had from that time. I then sent her a text saying, 'I wish you wouldn't appear on TV. If you want to continue as a celebrity, then admit to your actions and make an official apology,'" netizen said.

Agency Warns of Legal Action

Reacting to this message, Chorong is said to have called the netizen on FaceTime. But netizen said that she grew suspicious of Chorong's intentions. "After much thought, I wondered if she was contacting me to see if I was an iPhone user because iPhone's didn't have the recording option. I then sent her a text saying, 'I can see what you are trying to do. Stop doing that and just retire being a celebrity,'" netizen is said to have told Chorong.

Meanwhile, Chorong's agency Play M Entertainment released a statement regarding the issue. "The reported issue from the netizen has already threatened Park Chorong with the same content before. It is an obvious claim trying to scratch her [Chorong's] image. Even after correcting the facts, the netizen has continued to overturn the facts. In this regard, as stated earlier, we will also take strict legal responsibility for this matter based on our evidence," the agency stated.