LE SSERAFIM Member Kim Garam School Bullying Controversy: New Details Emerge

LE SSERAFIM member Kim Garam has received criticisms again as netizens share more photos and allegations against her online. The latest among them is severely harming a classmate and getting transferred from school for it. Another allegation is about putting down the rookie girl group IVE.

Although Source Music denied all the allegations against her through an official statement a few days ago, netizens continue to accuse her of school bullying. Recently, a netizen tweeted about the young idol severely harming her classmate and getting transferred to another school because of it.

The post included another online community post. It claimed that Garam was transferred from Kwangjoo to another school after a student got injured because of her. The netizen said she heard about the incident from a friend who was close to the LE SSERAFIM member.

Kim Garam
LE SSERAFIM member Kim Garam Twitter

"So the Kim Garam that was revealed at 12 today, her past is not clean. She transferred from Kwangjoo and she transferred because something happened. Since she's debuting, she went around to go to apologize and stuff. So it's 100% that her past will come up. So she (Kim Garam) transferred schools after she made a classmate hit her head on the bricks. My friend's sister was close to Kim Garam and I heard that from my friend. Shouldn't she have gone to Juvi, not just transfer schools?" the tweet read.

'Pushed Classmate's Head on a Brick Wall'

Another Netizen elaborated on the incident in the comment section. The person stated that Garam pushed her classmate's head on a brick wall and it ripped. According to the social media user, all the photos uploaded by the netizens prove that she is not an ordinary person.

"So it's not that she hit the classmate with a brick, she pushed the classmate's head on a brick wall and her head ripped. Of course, she was bullying her on purpose. Doesn't matter if she hit the classmate with a brick or pushed the girl's head on the brick wall, that's not normal either way. This is legendary. All the other bullying allegations were about someone badmouthing someone else. The photos that were revealed already show she's not ordinary", the netizen wrote.

Kim Garam
LE SSERAFIM member Kim Garam. Twitter

Putting Down IVE

Another allegation against Garam that emerged recently is about putting down the rookie girl group IVE and boasting LE SSERAFIM. Netizens shared several photos of texts and drawing on the chalkboard stating LE SSERAFIM will beat IVE. The drawings and the writings were alleged to be the works of Garam and her friends.

"wait so Garam and her friends fr hate IVE the board from another angle. this was all before the group got revealed. also means she DID make sexual comments towards V", a netizen wrote.

"muting this but here's the other board pic which is from a while back. "HYBE (BTS), debuting with Kim Chaewon, Sakura" is also written. mind you. she also dissed Sakura and called her a ps monster when she's gonna debut w her and stay in her group for 7 years messy as hell", another Netizen commented.