'Airbags Are Going Off! Let's Get Out and Run': Audio Reveals Chilling Last Words of Vicky White Before She Shoots Herself Dead [GRAPHIC]

Vicky shot herself in the head seconds after she said her dying words.

Disturbing new audio has emerged that reportedly captures the last words of jail guard Vicky White, 56, with her prison lover Casey White, 38, moments before she shoots herself dead with her revolver. "Get out and run," Vickey White is heard shouting in the audiotape as Indiana police chased the pair on Monday afternoon.

The audio was released on Tuesday night, as Casey was being transported to Alabama to face charges. Vicky can be heard pleading to Casey in the 7-minute audiotape: "Stop! Stop!' The airbags are going off!" Unable to control her car, which was at high speed, Vicky White shot herself to avoid arrest.

Chilling Final Words

According to the audio obtained by NewsNation, Vicky alerted Casey that they were in trouble and the car could crash halt. "Airbags are going off!" a woman, believed to be Vicky, can be heard saying in the audiotape as sirens blare.

In a quieter voice, Vicky then says: "Let's get out and run."

It's unclear who dialed 911 from Vicky and Casey's Cadillac as they tried to elude the chasing police vehicles. Vicky shot herself in the head seconds after she said her dying words. Their vehicle was rammed into a ditch by US Marshals, bringing an end to the 11-day-long nationwide manhunt.

Vicky White
Vicky White and Casey Cole Twitter

Police had initially suspected that Vickey turned the gun on her but later became skeptical that Casey may have shot Vicky before being arrested. However, the doubts were cleared following the autopsy.

According to CBS News, the autopsy report showed that Vicky died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, according to the Vanderburgh County Coroner's Office. According to the police, Vickey was also driving the car, hence the voice in the audiotape is hers.

Suicide, Not Murder

Vicky White body
Vicky White's body after being dragged out of the car Twitter

It is not known if these were the final words or if she spoke to Casey after that but given the time of the voice recording and the time she shot herself, it in all probability these were her last words.

Vicky was reportedly still breathing and holding the gun when cops arrived at the vehicle, which flipped on its side after being rammed.

Police also released bodycam footage of the fanatic moment Casey was captured and arrested. Casey soon surrendered, according to Deputy Marshal Chad Hunt, commander of the Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force.

Vicky White dead
An injured Vicky White seen lying inside the car Twitter

"His immediate words to our team was, 'Please help my wife. She just shot herself in the head,'" Hunt told reporters, though authorities said there is no evidence that the two were ever married.

Meanwhile, Evansville police Detective Darren Richardson explained how he tracked down the fugitives after investigators received information that they were seen in the Cadillac.

"After I got that information, I started checking around local hotels. Some of the places I thought they might be staying," Richardson told 44News. "I wasn't able to locate them at that time."

Casey White arrest
The moment Casey White is arrested and handcuffed Twitter

However, he spotted the two when driving home after his shift. "I happened to look over and I saw a Cadillac that matched the description of what the fugitives had," he told the outlet, saying he alerted the US Marshals Service.

"He asked me if I could get the license plate. So, I turned back around, swung through the parking lot, and got him the license plate for the vehicle," Richardson said.

"Law enforcement, it's their job to go out and catch the bad guys, especially when you got two fugitives on the run for as long as they were," Richardson added.

Finally, police trace them and the wild car chase began, with Casey being arrested, while Vicky killed herself.

The fugitives were discovered hiding at the Motel 41 in Evansville, where they paid a local homeless man to rent a room for 14 days, according to Vanderburgh County Sheriff David Wedding. The fugitives had been in a "jailhouse romance" for nearly two years before Vicky broke Casey out of the Lauderdale County jail on April 29.