Lauderdale Jailbreak: Vicki White and Criminal Casey Had Intimate Relationship, Bluffed Authorities Since 2020

Pulling wool over the eyes of the Lauderdale County authorities, Alabama Corrections Officer Vicki White continued having an intimate relationship with the murder accused Casey Cole White since 2020.

Vicki facilitated Casey's escape from the prison on the pretext of taking him to the court, last Friday.

The facts unveiled in the case including Vicki White's numerous "unscheduled visits" to the Donaldson Jail where Casey Cole White was imprisoned and the "telephonic conversations" between the two which went unnoticed, have created a buzz on social media. A large section of followers is blaming it on the authorities at Lauderdale County prison and Donaldson Jail for having ignored the "brewing up" intimacy between the corrections officer and the prisoner.

Casey Cole White and Vicki White

The Escape was Planned Precisely and Executed Carefully

The social media followers also reacted to the official video released by the concerned authorities that shows Vicki White taking Casey out of the prison to the car stating that it is apparent that the escape was precisely planned and executed carefully.

A faction further questioned the prison authorities for having "missed" monitoring Casey's calls for almost two years. The duo must be planning this escape for years, the followers stated further.

As reported by New York Post, Casey had been serving 75-year sentence for a murder at the William E. Donaldson Correctional Facility in Jefferson County before being brought to Lauderdale County on August 3, 2020 for questioning. At that time Vicki was the investigator who questioned him for almost three months before he was charged with murder on October 2, 2020. Reportedly, the duo got into a relationship during this time.

The report further stated that in November 2020, Casey went back to Donaldson prison where Vicki visited him numerous times. Casey again came back to Vicki's prison in March 2021 and stayed there till August before being taken back to Donaldson prison. This year again in February, Casey returned to Lauderdale County in wake of his murder trial preparation from where he escaped with the corrections officer.

A twitter user while commenting on the casualness of the Lauderdale County Jail authorities stated, "#CaseyColeWhite #CaseyWhite asked in 2020 if he could stay at the Lauderdale County Jail instead of going back to prison. Authorities say that White was actually plotting to escape the Lauderdale County Jail. Now he & Assistant Director of Corrections Vicki White are missing."

Another user wrote, "Vicki White, the sheriffs deputy that has taken flight with accused murderer Casey White, really looks like Greg The Hammer Valentine."

"So, Vicki White and Casey Cole White have been planning this escape on the phone for years?! Whatever happened to the calls being monitored?" read a tweet.